Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Day at the Museum

Baby Caleb

A few weeks ago, we got to take care of Baby Caleb while his Mommy and Daddy got some time alone. Caleb got really sick when he was really little and can't go anywhere, not even to church. I sure do love Caleb, though. He's gonna be my buddy. When his Mommy and Daddy came to pick him up, they let me feed him.
Look, he's even cheering for me.
Miss Tracy thought it was really cute that I kept patting his back as I fed him.

My Vegetable "Garden"

We spent Mommy's Christmas Gift Cards to start us a potted vegetable garden. We waited until after the snow, and then potted these. I tell Mommy they are my re-pawn-a-biw-a-dy because I know she'll accidently kill them otherwise. Here I am with them before we started potting.

I really liked these gloves... but they didn't fit.

The tree looked like it could use some "watering" also...