Monday, August 27, 2007

This Week

Well, My Mommy has been pretty busy with school starting. She went back to work on Tuesday and spent a lot of time getting her classroom ready... even this weekend. On Saturday, I got to visit her at school while she worked- Daddy took me up there so I could eat. I got to meet some of the people she teaches with. Today her students came for the first time, and she said she's really tired. Me? I'm not tired at all. Well, I started going to bed a lot earlier now since I have to get up so much earlier. Today I was at my school by 6:50 so Mommy could get to her school a little early. Daddy gets me ready in the morning and then I play until Mommy is ready to feed me. I kinda like this new school thing because I'm up early enough to see Daddy in the mornings, now. I enjoy our guy time!

An update on the food front- I really like green beans and carrots... I'm not so sure about squash yet. I tell you what, though... these solid foods really make a guy gotta GO, if you know what I mean. I've got a raw booty from all my shoo-ee diapers. Mommy and Daddy are trying to help it get better, but in the mean time it really hurts. I also have a runny nose. Maybe I'm teething? Then again... maybe not.

I'll drop by again soon with some new pictures. Love yall!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Just another Manic MONDAY

Today was a very busy day for me. I went to daycare for the first time ever! I actually did pretty well- just cried a little when I was being sympathetic to the other criers in my room. My teachers are really nice and there's so much to do. I was only there for a little while, but tomorrow Mommy goes back to work, so I'll get to spend a lot longer at "school."
I also had my six month well baby appointment. It wasn't the best doctor's appointment. It turns out I've only gained a pound in the last two months so Dr. Yok was concerned. She says it might be because I'm becoming more active, but she also thinks I need to eat more. Mommy is worried (and feels pretty guilty, I might add) because she starts back to school and hasn't been able to pump as much as Dr. Yok wants me to eat. For now, she's going to work really hard to make me enough milk for school. I know she used to have a lot and was able to store some- so that will help us for a while.

I'm now 15 pounds, 10 ounces and back down to the tenth percentile for weight. I'm 26 1/2 inches long- still pretty average for a guy my age.

The other "bad" news we knew was coming. I have REALLY bad skin. Both Mommy and Daddy had really bad skin when they were little, too. In fact, Daddy still gets excema. Dr. Yok gave me a couple of RXs to help. Hopefully it'll get better soon.

To top my day off... I got to eat PEAS for the first time today!! Mommy and Daddy were excited and all prepared for funny faces I would make. Boy did I disappoint them! I really liked the peas. I ate them all up and some rice cereal, too! They still took some pictures to share, though.
Daaaaad! I'm trying to eat- quit taking pictures!
Moooooooooore! I want Moooooore!

I said MORE! If you're not fast enough, I'll do it myself!

At Laura and Bobby's House

Well, we had dinner over at Laura and Bobby's house on Friday. I went to visit Gram and Grandpa on Wed. and then we all came back up here together. Here are some pictures....
No wrestling this time... (just hitting!)
Aunt Laura's cherished stuffed basketball.
I thought "to dribble" meant to allow spit to run down one's chin... you're telling me it means to bounce a basketball up and down? Wow- I have a lot to learn!
Me, Grandpa, Gram and Ashtyn

Sunday, August 19, 2007

LOOK at the difference! (Then and Now)

I was just one week old when the first picture was taken. In the bottom picture, I'm 5 months and three weeks. Can you believe how much bigger I am?! Still don't have much more hair, though!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I pegged Daddy!!

Well, our internet has been down quite a bit this past week, so Mommy hasn't been able to help me update my blog. She's been saving up stuff though. Last weekend, Daddy was playing airplane (or "birdie") with me. I PEGGED him GOOD!!!
Look at his nose, cheek and the side of his head. I guess he turned as I aimed, otherwise I'd have gotten him smack on the mouth! Too funny!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mommy's "Anniversary"

Today my Mommy celebrated the anniversary of her 25th birthday. (She's SO in denial! Daddy thinks it's funny.) I thought it was fun to play with the paper from the gift Daddy gave her and the postage envelope that her gift from the S's came in. Mommy and Daddy have decided they are getting me empty boxes and tissue paper for Christmas. That's fine with me!!

Bass Fishin' in the 'Burbs

So we all know Gram and Grandpa live on the water in a small(er) town. They have a really big yard and a boat and waterskis and fishing poles and all sorts of stuff. I, however, live in the Suburbs. My Daddy is sad that he doesn't have a lake to fish in, so Mommy bought him this little Bass Fisherman handheld game. (Truth be told, it was on clearance at Target, but we won't tell Daddy.) So- you've seen pictures of me and Grandpa fishing... so here's some pictures of me fishing with daddy... Suburb Style!

Hooked it!
I like Fishing!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Proof- I do have hair (well, fuzz)

For all of you who don't believe that I have hair coming in... here's proof! It may not be a ton- but it's on it's way.

Play Time

Sitting in my Bumbo, playing. This toy plays (very loud) music every time I move something on it.
Sometimes I get tired of being in my bumbo and I try to lean back and tip it over. Mommy tried to get a picture of me with my head leaning back, but I wouldn't do it again. She and Daddy are afraid I might get strong enough to flip it over... I might.
I love having ALL my toys around me. Even though I can sit up by myself, I still like to sit inside the Boppy so I don't fall over as easily. I do tend to face plant when I reach out too far for my toys- so Mommy put a pillow in front of me.