Sunday, September 28, 2008

Six Years Ago Today...

...My Mommy and Daddy got Married!

Rylee Turned FIVE!

Rylee turned five earlier this week and we celebrated with her at the park. I had tons of fun playing and hitting the pinata. Take a look! One family brought their puppy, "Romo". He's a lot bigger than Rudy, so I was a bit intimidated at first, but I warmed up to him.

Luke and I pulled bark off the tree.
Lots of Dads came out (since their wives were at the Women's retreat.)
Already checking out some other kid's bike. Can I get one, Dad?Reese Swinging
Me- being forced against my will to swing!
The birthday girl- Miss Sassy Rylee Grace
Eating Chic Fil A... wonder where that came from?
I was the youngest, so I got to swing at the pinata first. Daddy helped me...
... but I wanted to do it all by myself!
Luke had a turn next
Looking on as we wait for Brad to rig the pinata back up.
Rylee busted it wide open and candy went all over the place!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Volleyball Season

Last week I went to the Fossil Hill Football game. Yesterday, we went to the volleyball game. We got to see lots of Mommy's former students and I got to hang out with Brant (Mommy's "classroom neighbor's" son). The pictures aren't the greatest since Mom used the old camera, but Brant's Mommy brought her nice one, so I might be able to post better pictures later. PS- Brant got a new cousin today!!! Congrats!
I was checking out the cupcakes DD and Aleesa had while Anna looked on.
The buzzer sound scared Brant. It startled me quite a bit, too.
I did NOT want to go sit with him. I was being a Daddy's boy last night.
I finally warmed up to Brant and remembered him from playing together at McDonalds.
Brant was a lot more friendly than I was.

Fun with Ashtyn

Well, Mom finally got some pictures from our evening at Ashtyn's last week. Her battery died so she only got a couple~ and AL had to email the rest over.... so here they are!
Already driving while using the cell phone!
Uncle Bobby pulled us all around the yard. Princess Ashtyn sat upon her "throne."
This is the only picture mom got of us both playing without fighting over toys.
I started splashing Ashtyn, and pretty soon it was a HUGE splash fest! We made a big mess.

Like our Soap Mohawks??

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Sunset in the Suburbs.

Mommy shot this picture as we headed in tonight.
No rolling fields, no picturesque windmill in the distance, no crickets chirping... but hey- it's our sunset! :)

Cool Summer Nights

Tonght was very nice out. Not humid like it has been. Fall is in the air... well, almost. I went out with Mommy tonight to play. Mostly Rudy and I just ran and ran around the back yard. I do like to play with my Spidey-Ball... but Mom had a hard time getting decent pictures of me.

When I bang on the door and start to cry- that's my hint that I want to go in. Really, I just wanted to get a drink.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Half Birthday To Me

So, technically this post is late, and my half birthday present was early. Oh well. My parents got me my very own chair for the living room a few weeks ago. They said it was to celebrate my "half birthday." Really, I think Daddy was tired of me stealing his chair. (Little did he know that I wouldn't stop... it's too fun climbing up into the big chair.) Anyhow, I love my new chair. Now I need an ottoman! Hi-5 watching party anyone?

Bye-Bye Gram and Grandpa

Here's a sad face for Gram and Grandpa because I won't get to talk to them on the phone for two whole weeks. They are going to Brazil on a Mission Trip. Pray that Hurricane Ike doesn't inturrupt their plans. Have fun, Introduce Jesus to lots of people and come back safe and sound. I'll miss you!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A thing of the past....

... well, today at lunch Mommy and Daddy discussed the fact that we may no longer go out to eat after church... thanks to ME! Remember the temper tantrum post? Well... for the past, oh six weeks or so, I've strategically timed my temper tantrum meltdown with lunch. Today I REALLY performed. I screamed and screamed. When snot rolled down my nose and they ignored my screams, I screamed louder. I even won. I got to sit on Mommy's lap... until I knocked over her water. Then I had to go to the bathroom. Funny since I wear a diaper. Well- going to the bathroom means I get in trouble. I got a spanking (again- I wear a diaper- lotta good that does!) and had to sit in time out. Yes... on the bathroom floor. Isn't that disgusting? In any case, Mommy may be asking for good "leave in the oven" recipes for Sunday lunches.

Halloween Preview

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well... I have recently perfected the artform of the dreaded TEMPER TANTRUM. My version looks a bit like flashdance. I stomp my feet, swing my arms, bob my head, scrunch my face and SCREAM. I've begun doing this lovely temper tantrum dance with increased frequency here lately. Pretty much, like, oh- any time I don't get my way. The stinky thing is, though, Mom and Dad don't really put up with it very well. Somehow I end up in time out. hummm. Maybe I'll try throwing myself on the floor while flashdancing... that's the NEXT step, isn't it?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mmmmm... Dough Nut

Today I had my first WHOLE doughnut. Sure, I've had a doughnut hole here and there... and last time Mom and Dad got some, I got a mini cinnamon roll. But today, I had my VERY own Shipley's Chocolate Covered with Sprinkles DOUGHNUT. And it was... Goooooood. I ate the entire thing all by myself. After I stopped spinning in circles and bouncing off walls four hours later, it was determined I may not have another for quite some time.
So sad... it was gone.For those of you who have never had the amazing privaledge of eating a meal with me, it's become somewhat of a ritual that I must try to lick/eat whatever one tries to clean my face with. Typically it's a wipe, in which case I sometimes get my very own to suck on while my face is getting cleaned. If not, the below occurs. Yes, that's right my friends.In the end, I win and get to eat the wipe anyways. So satisfying, really. I can stuff one all the way in my mouth. Someone... Quick... Call Guiness!!