Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ashtyn's Day

I missed Ashtyn's big dedication day... well, I showed up for lunch to spread my germs... that's about it. But here are some pictures of my beautiftul cousin I want to share with my loyal readers.

Ashtyn Nicole- all smiles.
On stage with the pastor
Look- Ashtyn's on the Jumbotron!!
Uncle Bobby is silly.
Two pretty ladies.

Gifts from Grandma the Great

Here I am below with Grandma the Great. I like the outfit she brought me... but I like the tag more!
See, I'm cute even when I'm sick!
I really like the overalls, too...
But I like the hanger more!

I'm contagious!

Well, I came home from school last Friday lookin' pretty "normal." Mommy and Daddy took me to the grocery store and when we got home, I puked! It was the first time I've ever thrown up ever. Little did I know it would be FAR from the last time. Evidently, I'd picked up a stomach virus at school.

Saturday morning I got up and ready for Rylee's birthday party at Let's Jump. I was playing on Mommy and Daddy's bed. Mommy started to put my shoes on me and... BLECK! I puked again- all over the bed. Needless to say, I didn't get to jump. Grandma the Great decided to stay with us anyhow that night (she came in for Astyn's dedication). She brought me two new outfits. I felt good enough to try one of them on. (see picture)

Sunday I didn't get to go with Mommy to Ashtyn's dedication... but since I hadn't been sick for a while, Daddy decided to take me to meet everyone for lunch after church. Everyone thought I was getting better, but when we got home- I puked all over Mommy. It was the first time I'd ever thrown up on Mommy. Little did she know it would be FAR from the last time. Grandma the Great decided to stay in town to take care of me on Monday so Mommy and Daddy could go to work.

Mommy started feeling kinda yucky Sunday evening. By seven, she was sick. In the middle of the night, I started crying so Mommy got up. She was going to be sick again so she hollered at Grandma for help. (She hollered from Grandma because Daddy was starting to feel sick, too.) Well, guess what- GRANDMA had just been sick. I gave ALL THREE of them my virus.

By Monday I was feeling better, but I had to stay home and take care of Mommy, Daddy and Grandma. To make my very long story short, by the end of the week- I'd spread at least some form of the virus to Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandmother, Ashtyn, Aunt Laura, Uncle Bobby, Gram and Grandpa (via Gram). Can you believe it?

See... told you I'm contagious!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Mommy and Daddy bought me this outfit around this time last year- before I was ever born! (I'm sure glad Mommy didn't talk Daddy into getting the cheerleader outfit!) My Daddy is an Oakie and a big OU fan. Mommy has become a fan, but mostly because she says they have the best looking coach. Me? Lets just say, I don't gig or hook anything!

I like to EAT, EAT, EAT

Well, now I've got a few solids under my belt (in the pictures below, I'm eating butternut squash for the first time) and I love to eat. I've had peas, carrots, yellow squash, butternut squash, sweet potato, green beans, broccoli, peaches, bananas, apples and apricots. Mommy made prunes last night- they looked yucky, but I might like them. We also bought some yogurt for me to try. Now that I've been introduced to some foods, I get to start mixing. Today I had butternut squash mixed with apricots. It was soooo yummy. Mommy and Daddy think I'm gaining a bunch of weight now because I feel a lot heavier.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh the places I sleep

Lately I've not been sleeping at daycare... well, actually- I've never slept much at daycare. There's so much going on that I need to watch, you know. Mom and one of the ladies who takes care of me are trying to work a schedule so I sleep more. Mommy kinda gets upset because I'm tired once I get home- and when I'm tired, I get cranky (just like my Daddy does.) Sometimes I fight sleep so long that I finally end up just konking out wherever I am.
Like on Daddy's lap....
Or just right in the middle of playing with my toys!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day-- and BUBBLES

I thought "Labor Day" was the day I was born, but evidently we celebrate Labor Day every year. Mommy and Daddy didn't have to work today. It rained most of the day, but they wanted me to have some outside time- so they sat me in the garage. BUBBLE TIME!!!

My Famous Aunt (another Seguin weekend)

My Aunt Laura is famous now... well, at least in Seguin she is. This past weekend she was inducted into Seguin High School's Athletic Hall of Honor. Evidently, she was a pretty good basketball player. That's what everyone tells me, anyhow. Maybe that's why Ashtyn is always wearing Nike stuff.... maybe her Mommy has an endorsement deal. My Mommy says when I grow up I need an endorsement deal, too. Well, anyhow, Aunt Laura got inducted at Friday night's football game which meant (drum roll please) MY FIRST HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAME! I had lots of fun.

Uncle Bobby holding Ashtyn, Aunt Laura, Coach Nelson, Gram and Grandpa...They're talking about Aunt Laura over the speakers.

Here I am! M-M-MATA- D-D- DORS! MATA- DORS! Matadors, Ole!

Grandpa wasn't yelling at the officals (when this was taken)!

Well, The Mats lost... BAD! My first football game, and the home team didn't even win for me!

Anyone want to buy a house? Here's Gram and Grandpa's house with a "FOR SALE" sign out front. Who'da ever thought they'd sell??

Sittin' in the front of the boat with Mommy, Daddy and Rudy.

I couldn't sit in the front of the boat very long, because the wind bothered my eyes....

.... it's a good thing, too. Grandpa took a wave and soaked my Mommy and Daddy. Mommy was pretty mad because she had clothes on and the camera got wet. But then she had to laugh.

Of course, I had to go swimming at Pat and Larry's. I never have to wear clothes in their pool! Gram was trying to let me sit in the float by myself.