Sunday, January 27, 2008

My new Spork!

At the suggestion of Luke's Mommy, my Mommy bought me some baby sporks. Really they are these flat corn on the cob looking things that hold soft food really easily and they have a little piece that blocks me from gagging myself while I learn to use utensils. (Daddy wonders why Mommy bought these for me when she herself uses her fingers to eat with so often.) Never the less, I used my spork last night and was actually pretty good.
Corn mash on my spork... Going down the shoot.
I kind of use the spork like a sucker and then try to lick it clean.
MORE please!
Daddy tried to teach me how to scoop it on my own, too- but that was a bit challenging.I've also learned recently how to be a great big brother and share my food with Rudy. Funny how he doesn't run away from me as much now that I've started tossin' him some crumbs.
And this is the reason for the spork... I never could get the whole spoon thing down. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Peed Standin Up!!!

... But not in the toilet. Mommy was getting my bathwater ready and Daddy took my diaper off so I could get into the tub. Well, Daddy put me down and I pulled up on the toilet seat so I could stand and watch Mommy fill the tub. She looked over, and saw a steady stream! I Tee-Tee'd STANDING UP. I was quite proud of myself, actually, and found the entire scene quite comical. Good thing Mommy and Daddy did, too. They couldn't stop laughing. So does this mean I'm "potty trained"???

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Uh Oh, SPAGHETTI- O's!!!

Tonight after Ashtyn, Uncle Bobby and AL all left, I ate Spaghetti O's for the first time. Mommy made a rule- No spaghetti o's except on bath nights! They are sure messy.

The Best Cousin Ever

Well, Ash is just about the best cousin a boy could ever wish for... well, except that she's a GIRL~ hehe... Ashtyn came over today to play (she brought AL and Uncle Bobby, too.) We had such a good time. We played with all my toys- next time we'll go to her house and I can play with HER toys.
The Little Playground (Thanks Rylee and Reese!)...
Where did the ball go???
Ashtyn tried out my walk-behind toy. At first she just wanted to lay on it...
Then she got to going... maybe a bit too fast. Don't fall!!!
...Too Late... Ashtyn tipped over.
Thatcher to the RESCUE!
Okay- so maybe I wasn't "technically" coming to the rescue. Maybe I did just want my toy back. I'm not the best sharer. (Is that a word?)
At least we can BOTH play together.
After all our playtime, I konked out in bed... and Ashtyn konked out on my Daddy. She calls him Uncle Mike! I keep telling her that's not his name, but WHATEVER!

The next Stage...

This toy started out as one I just laid under... then it tilted some and I could sit up and hit the buttons. NOW it's like a little table. I press the buttons as if they were keys on a piano. Call me little Mozart!

I decided I wanted to crawl underneath the table.
And I got stuck.
But I'm a smart kid and I figured it out! TA-DAH!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Guess what my dear Readers... I took my very first steps yesterday to my MOMMA!! It was only two of them, and she thought it was just a fluke. But then, at home Mommy stood me up and Daddy got in front of me. I walked 10 (that's right... TEN) steps all on my own! YEAH ME!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Quilt

Here's a picture of me and my quilt that GraNanny made for me. She put LOTS of time and love into each stitch. I have sweet dreams when I cuddle up with my beautifult quilt. THANK YOU GRAnANNY! I LOVE YOU.

Lots of NEW stuff.

Brad and Dee Ann had lots of new stuff going on at their house, so last weekend we stopped by to take a looksy. Daddy was most interested in Brad's new big ol TV. Mommy was most interested in Dee Ann's new paint job in the living room. I was most interested in Duke, the new puppy. He liked me a lot more than Rudy does. (Okay- I have to be honest... Mommy really liked Duke, too.) Here are some pictures.
Above: THE TV!!! Below: Giving Dee Ann Slobber kisses
See- I told you Duke liked me! He's giving ME slobber kisses!!
Reese loves Duke, too.
Rylee didn't want her picture taken. But Duke did.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Is that a body bag??

Nooooo... it's our Christmas tree. Guess it means Christmas is officially over. I liked the crunching sound the tree made in the bag.

New Year's Eve

Better Late than never! Here are some pictures from New Year's Eve. I stayed up until 11:45!! Didn't QUITE make it until midnight... but that was still REALLY late for me. There was so much to do that I just couldn't sleep (even though Mom and Dad put me in my jammies.) We went to dinner with Brad, Dee Ann, Rylee and Reese... then we went over to Luke's house. I loved playing with all of his toys! Luke has different toys than I do- so that was cool. Luke and I go to church and school together.
Luke and his Mommy, Jennifer.
Kaylee was being silly. She likes to have her picture taken.
Braeden is her brother... with his Mommy, Lindsay.
Tyler was sleepy. His older brother Ryan was in bed before we even got there!
I liked this toy.
We all wrestled together!
And played...
Rylee loves me so much she didn't want me to leave!
Reese, Luke and Rylee watched movies together.
Reese knows where her poopeck is already...
...and she's learning to moon the camera, too. I hope she'll teach me this trick soon.
I finally tuckered out in Daddy's arms. Can you tell he didn't want his picture taken??
I had a wonderful first New Years. Happy 2008 everyone!