Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nighty Night Time with Daddy.

Tonight, Mommy stumbled upon this scene. See, I've been coming home from church quite the hyper child (thanks in part to the sugar style lemonade I get!) Regardless of WHY, I'm very difficult to settle down. Even as Mommy types, I'm still up reading. But hey, who doesn't want some Michael Jordan plays basketball against the Looney Tunes? (This book belonged to my AL.)


Did you know that a LONG LONG time ago, my Mommy was an exchange student to Germany? Well, she WAS! She lived there for an entire year back when she was 18. (Told you it was a LONG LONG time ago!) Well, every year, Mommy and Daddy try to go to a German Resturant in Fort Worth, and this year (even though it was their anniversary) I got to go with them.
Look at the size of my KIDS meal! I got weinerschnitzel with saurkraut, rotkohl and potatoes.
Mommy's meal is very traditional. One of her host moms made this meal for every special occassion. Rolladen, Rotkohl, Potatoes (though these are mashed, not salz) and spaetzle- which is more Hungarian than German (at least where Mommy lived, no one ate it.)
Now- these meals all look very HEAVY. They ARE!! Just remember, according to Mommy, these are special occassion meals. Most of the time, people eat bread with cold cuts, butter and cheese.
CHICKEN DANCE TIME... again, this is an American creation, but OH WHAT FUN!
This lady played the SAW!!! Really cool!

Kickin' back with a book.

Mommy snuck up on me while I was reading one day... she thought it was cute I was sitting in my mini-chair and reading to myself.

Sunny Days

I LOVE SESAME STREET!! Do you?! Everyday when I get home, I plop in my Mommy's old, duct taped back together bean bag chair from the 80s and watch me some Zoe, Telly and Elmo! I can name all the characters and count with them and say my ABCs with them. Mom and Dad are actually happy that I like Sesame Street. It's an oldie but a goodie (and not NEARLY as annoying as some of those other kid shows... well, except Elmo talks in third person- that drives Daddy nuts.) Anyhow- here is what I do...