Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time Out????

More like "Laugh and Mock Mommy Time."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Super Summer Spectacular at Harvest

This week is SSS (Super Summer Spectacular) at MY church. It's kinda like VBS, but it's at night. This means I get to stay up LATE!!! Last night we learned about Jonah, so all of our activities had to do with water. We had big tables with all sorts of water toys... and then two big kiddie pools full of SAND. By the time Mommy came with her camera, I was so over the water stuff and had moved onto sand.
This is my friend Luke. He's going to be a big brother soon. Luke was having fun splashing in the water.REESE came outside to play!!! We ran to hug each other.Well, the popsicles won out over Reese hugs. Sorry Reesers, but you know my Mommy deprives me of sugar. I had to take advantage.Here's my SSS class. The class Mommy is helping with is just behind us.Now I got in a ship of my own, just like Jonah did... but I'm not going to run from God, so I won't get thrown overboard.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When Boogie's Away... Mommy will Play.

I'm only away for one night and look what my silly Mommy goes off and does!!! Mommy- just remember this when I come home with my first tattoo. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Fun

Well, I got home from Seguin on Friday and then left Saturday for Fairfield (that's where Grandad and GraNanny live.) I had just enough time at home to shower Daddy with lovin' since I missed him so much. When we got to Fairfield, I discovered that GraNanny and Grandad got me a wadding pool for me. Naturally, I got naked and jumped right in!

I splashed around with my Aunt Leslie and GraNanny.

Here are some crazy shots Mommy took of me while I was playing.
We went in and ate dinner. I love corn but never had it on the cob before. I did pretty well!Then I was tuckered out.We got up this morning... and do you know what today is?? FATHER's DAY! That's right. We had a day to celebrate me, a day to celebrate Mommy; and now, a day for Daddy. How cool is that? I gave Daddy his presents... kind of cruel, I know- but surely the man will learn to love reading if he's reading to me, right?!I sure do love my Daddy.I decided to be lazy before we headed off to church.After Church~ Daddy, Boogie (that's me) and Grandad pose together.Oh- I've also decided that any round fruit is a "ball" and try to bounce, throw and yes- EAT the ball... I bit into this ORANGE "ball" the outside tasted funny.Following Daddy's lead in scoping out Lunch. Aunt Leslie got my Belly.Smooches for Daddy.Me and My Silly Parents.A true Southern Boy... Today I had this DELICIOUS dish at lunch today!!! YUM. If you DON'T know what this is... I feel sorry for you.

Friday, June 13, 2008

VBS in Pictures

I can't believe my week in Seguin went by so quickly. I had SO much fun at Vacation Bible School. Every morning, I squealed with joy as we drove up. I loved spending time with family, meeting new people, making new friends and learning about Jesus. Aunt Pat was my VBS teacher and she planned all sorts of cool stuff for us. My Mommy had lots of fun working arts and crafts and even got to take lots of pictures. I can't wait until next year... maybe I can go to VBS again. Here are some pictures from Wed. Thursday and Friday.