Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Family Fun Night

Tonight we went over to Pat and Larry's house. I played and played. I've really enjoyed being able to look up to my older cousins, Cheney and Chandler. My Mommy and their Mommy are cousins and grew up together... now Cheney, Chandler, Me and Ashtyn all get to grow up together, too. Now, if Ashtyn and I could go visit at THE SAME TIME... That would be REALLY cool! Here are some pictures from tonight.
Chandler was my "motor" in her pretty princess car... (I'm sure my Daddy will abhore these pictures)

We went swimming, too.
There's kind of an unspoken "clothing optional" rule in the family when outside... I chose NO DIAPER. I peed five times. Once inside the Cabana. Once almost hitting Lisa's feet. Once off the stool getting onto the trampoline. Once after Cheney poured water on me... and one more time just standing there. It's nice to go comando. These are pictures from the trampoline.


C&C Mama said...

I love, love, love the trampoline pictures!! They will definitely be blackmail one day! Kind of like the starfish picture?? Or you sitting on the toilet in Cancun? Why did I take a picture of you sitting on the toilet? What was I thinking? Thanks for coming to spend the week with us! I am glad that kids are getting to know each other better!! Love you. We miss you Mike! Sorry about the "Princess" car--he is still too young for the motorcycle!!

MeMe said...

I agree with C&C mama. It is so fun to the the cousing interacting. It would be perfect if Astyn were here.

Gram said...

Isn't it funny how fast the kids get to know each other and really enjoy playing with each other? Thatcher seems to have had so much fun playing with his cousins.