Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Grocery Store

Well, if you haven't heard my Mommy talking about her new "hobby" I'm shocked! She's always been a bargain hunter, but mostly with clothes. Since she's pretty much out of space in her closet and in MY closet, she's taken her obsession with finding "great deals" into the grocery store! She joined "The Grocery Game" in late October (email her if you want the link- she gets free weeks if friends sign up) and this is the result!!!
...And that's just the PANTRY! We also have a fully stocked fridge and freezer...
..and even toiletries...... here's mommy's reciept from Alberston's tonight... She spent $60 and saved just over $80. But that's nothin'! Last week, we went to Alberstons to stock up on Lean Cuisines (I went with her!)
... here's the result... (remember, there are about eight missing already!!)
By the time it was all said and done, she had only paid 80 cents each for them. If you know anything about the cost of these... you'll know that's CHEAP. (Mommy and Daddy both take their lunches to work every day- so she was excited.) The cashier and the lady behind us in line were even taking guesses at how much Mommy saved. (She spent less than $40 and saved $106) Anyhow... I wanted to share with you my Mommy's insanity. At least we're prepared to stay home in the event of an ice storm, tornado, illness or Obama presidency. And no, Mommy won't buy products we won't actually use. She has found we'll eat/use different brands, but there are many things we DON'T buy- even if they're great bargains... cause we'll never use them. I should have Mommy take a picture of all the FREE items she gets! That's cool. Weird? Maybe just quirky. I love her anyways.

I love Tag!

Lisa tagged my Mommy. I only know that in tag you get to hit people... I mean, you know- PAT them gently right before you tackle them. :) Actually, she said I had to find these things called folders. The fourth one and the fourth picture. So here it is... a picture of Daddy on a zip line tour through the canyons and jungle in Costa Rica. Little did he know when this picture was taken that he'd be a daddy in just nine months! Mommy was already four weeks pregnant!
Now I'm supposed to tag four people... Mommy hasn't taught me how to add links, so you'll have to find their blogs over to the left. I tag: Jocelyn, Janine, MaryBeth and Jane!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

An Unplanned Visit

I got to see Gram and Grandma Great, Grandmother and Aunt Pat today... along with AL, Bobby and Ash. It was an unplanned visit, though. Grandma's older sister, Cleo went home to be with Jesus at the young age of 94! Gram and Aunt Pat went up to Oklahoma with Grandma Great to celebrate Cleo's life. On their way home, they stopped and had dinner with me. My mommy forgot her camera, but AL had hers. Maybe AL will email Mommy some pictures to post!

Thursday, January 1, 2009