Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cloughly Tradition

After we left Gram and Grandpa's house, we went over to Grandma the Great's house. Would you believe even ERNIE beat us over! Everyone was waiting on us... but I was grumy and tired. Finally I laid on the floor and stole some of Chandler's food.
Ash didn't want to sit still and relax, but she did go sit with Gram. Wherever Ashtyn went, Chandler went.
I made my social rounds...

Uncle Bobby finally put me down for a nap. I slept on my new sleeping bag from Santa... though I didn't stay on it. :) When I woke up, almost all the gifts were unwrapped so I got to open a bunch of mine all at once.
I got the first broken toy of the year. :( That's okay- I played more with Chandler's grocery cart.And, now... for my most annoying gift!! A piano that plays songs even while you bang on keys. (According to my mom, I'm not even in the right key so that's why it's annoying.) I love it, though!All the great grandkids settled under the tree after a day of gift opening. We sure had fun together, just the four of us.

We missed you Jeff and Kerry.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa's Second Round

Santa found me a SECOND time! Can you believe it? This guy is GOOD. Well, maybe IIIII was just that good? Why are you laughing? Well, anyhow- we went to Gram and Grandpa's (who may now be "Paw Paw" since that's what Ashtyn now calls him) on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning, we heard a loud "HO!HO!HO!" and we ran to the hallway door... but no one would help us open it!
Finally, we busted through. It WAS Santa!Santa brought me a sleeping bag and pillow BOTH with my name on them. I also got some books and some crayons and some matchbox cars. Here's Miss Priss Ashtyn showing off her new sleeping bag. And here I am with my cars. It only took me two days to lose two of them.After we saw what Santa brought us, Mommy read us a story from my new Bible Story book (thanks Su-Su!) about Baby Jesus and the Kings who followed the star. Mommy told us that we get gifts because we believe in Jesus through faith- just like the men who brought gifts to Jesus did. The only thing I'm confused about is why WE get gifts on His birthday. I guess it's kind of like getting a treat bag when you go to someone else's birthday party. Jesus is the one who gives us everything, so we have to remember Christmas is about Him, not about us. After the Bible story we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jesus.Then we opened gifts! I got a truck from Grandmother. I think everyone agreed it was my favorite. I ran laps around the house pushing it!Grandpa... do you have something to tell us?!?!Gram gave Ashtyn and I lollies! I took a break to enjoy my lolly and love on everyone.Granpa got a SCARY Santa mask!Well, once the tree was bare below, we all got ready to go to Grandma the Great's house. That's where we met up with everyone to open even MORE presents! I got all ready and AL put a BOW in my hair! A PINK bow!Weird thing is, I kept it in! I sat with Grandmother and brushed Ashtyn's hair... well, I tried to.Here I am ready to go. Look at my new boots Cheney gave me. He arranged for me to get them early so I could wear them Christmas day. Thanks Cheney, I love them!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Shower for Rudy

Since Daddy had to work Christmas Eve, I helped Mommy get everything ready. Besides packing the car and all that stuff, we had a very important task.... make sure we don't stink. If you've met my dog Rudy, you'll know he has bad breath. He also licks his paws which makes him stinky. With a four and a half hour car ride together it was very important he smell decent. Now- I don't have bad breath or lick my paws- but sometimes I still get stinky, too. So before my shower, Mommy let me help bathe Rudy!

A Porter Family Christmas

After looking at what Santa brought me, GraNanny, Grandad, Aunt Leslie, Todd and Krista all came over to open gifts. Too bad no one got anything.... (that's sarcasm- I'm learning it from Daddy.)

Grananny helped me open gifts.
If some of you out there don't have children, you haven't experienced the joy of hearing your child whine while they wait for their parent to painstakingly twist the millions of non breakable bullet proof twisty ties off the best new toy in the world... tick, tock, tick, tock. We opened presents for quite some time... Grandad helped learn what to do with my most unique gift- a real drum from Todd and Krista. Todd even had it tuned for me. Well, that was fun... maybe I can do it again soon. What? You mean it's really not Christmas yet? There's more?!?! WOO-HOO!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa's Visit

Santa came to visit me early because he knew we'd be out of town... I guess mom and dad have an "in" with the jolly old man, because he came through! LOOK!
I was in my room by myself dancing and playing at my kitchen when I heard sleigh bells... so I came into the living room, not knowing what to expect!
Mommy and Daddy didn't even have to tell me to sit at my new table! I walked right over to it. I must admit, I was a bit timid when I walked into the living room and saw all of this new stuff... but MAN, was I excited!
After I played for a while, we looked into our stockings. Evidently, Daddy was expecting a bit more than he recieved. Does that mean he wasn't good? Mommy is a pen junkie. Guess Santa knew that!I reached deep into my stocking to favorite... PISTACIOS!I got to open a couple of presents before GraNanny and Grandad came over. I got a piano!I can already play chopsticks... maybe I'm the next Mozart!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Eve... kinda

Mommy and Daddy put in a SPECIAL call to Santa Claus to see if there was ANY way he might be able to come visit me early this year because we're going to be at Gram and Grandpa's house Christmas morning. Well... I'm not certain if he'll make it or not, but Mommy and Daddy let me go ahead and unwrap my new jammies for Christmas. Stay tuned to see if Santa makes it here. I hope he does!
Night Night! Rudolph... can you find me?!?!