Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Morning

Today I decided to sleep late past my normal wake up time.... so I woke up at 6:30! That was still a bit earlier than Mommy and Daddy wanted me up, but I insisted. See, this way, I convinced my Daddy to make me breakfast. He made Mommy and me blueberry pancakes. As you can tell- I loved them!

Blueberry Face
Mommy snapped some other pictures of me once I was dressed for church. While everyone says I'm the spitting image of my Daddy (which I think, quite frankly, is a grodee analogy)... Mommy really thought I looked like my Grandpa in this picture. There's a picture of him hanging on the wall at Gram and Grandpa's house when he was about my age. Mommy thought it was spooky how much I look like him. She says it's better to look like him than act like him. (Daddy says- she should know!)
Much to Mommy and Daddy's disgust, I've become a bit more of... let's say... a HANDFUL lately. Even as I was sitting so nicely this morning, it didn't take me but a second to start being ornery. I love getting into anything that I shouldn't. I love throwing things inside, banging things together, hitting, pushing, tumbling, wrestling. Mommy's in for it this summer!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The better to EAT you with my dear!

I have another chomper... a molar! My bottom left molar finally poked it's way through my gums and the top one is almost cut through, too. The other side is a bit slower all together. It's really bumpy and getting ready, but nothing quite yet.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Learning to feed myself

So lately, I've been learning a lot. I've signed "more" a few times (though not consistently). I know a few songs and do some of the hand motions: Wheels on the Bus, Patty Cake, Bumble Bee... I clap and wheel my hands. Mostly, I'm really trying to learn how far I can push my Mommy and Daddy without getting into TOO much trouble. They like to say I'm ornery... I say I take after both of them! :)
One of the things I'm learning how to do is feed myself with a spoon or fork. My food tends to fall off the forks when I turn it upside down (Which I do often) so I got these deep sporks. They seem to be helping me. Last night and tonight both, I ate my entire meal on my own. My parents still help me scoop up the food, but I get to shovel it in all by myself. Tonight I had ravioli and garlic bread... YUM. (Yes, my eye is red... it's shy. I mean- a sty.)

A day at the park

So maybe I've been slacking just a bit in the picture department. To my (and Mommy's) defense... our camera battery died while we were at the park, and we just remembered to charge it. Quite frankly, Mom missed out on quite a few photo ops this past weekend because of that silly battery. But here's some new pictures, even if they are from a week ago.

The weekend before last, we spent part of our Saturday afternoon at the park with AL, Uncle Bobby and Cousin Ashtyn. We had lots of fun sitting in the warm sun, eating snacks, playing frisbee, meeting a dog named D-O-G and playing at on the playground equiptment. Here ya go!
AL, Ash and Uncle Bobby playing on a stroll (Above)
Playing in the Rocks... my favorite! (below)
Mommy even sat in the rocks to play with me.
Daddy got me and Ash ready to slide down the big kid slide.
Ashtyn took a while to warm up to the pirate ship, but pretty soon she became CAPTAIN!
Does that make me the Skipper???
NAH! I can be captain, too! I'm looking out for bad guys.
STEERING! Two Cousins... out for a swing
Ashtyn LOVES to swing...
... Me? Not so much! UNCLE BOBBY~ I TOLD you not to push me HIGH!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I did it! I FINALLY did it!!

I ate some of RUDY's food.... and it was GOOD!

Monday, April 7, 2008

FEED ME Reese!!

Last Sunday we went to Jason's Deli after church to eat. I like Jason's because they have ice cream... but Mommy and Daddy make me eat my meal first. Reese started sharing her ice cream with me. It's a good thing her Mommy Dee Ann had her camera... this was a great photo op I'm glad I can share. PS- I have a crush on Reese (don't tell.)