Monday, April 14, 2008

A day at the park

So maybe I've been slacking just a bit in the picture department. To my (and Mommy's) defense... our camera battery died while we were at the park, and we just remembered to charge it. Quite frankly, Mom missed out on quite a few photo ops this past weekend because of that silly battery. But here's some new pictures, even if they are from a week ago.

The weekend before last, we spent part of our Saturday afternoon at the park with AL, Uncle Bobby and Cousin Ashtyn. We had lots of fun sitting in the warm sun, eating snacks, playing frisbee, meeting a dog named D-O-G and playing at on the playground equiptment. Here ya go!
AL, Ash and Uncle Bobby playing on a stroll (Above)
Playing in the Rocks... my favorite! (below)
Mommy even sat in the rocks to play with me.
Daddy got me and Ash ready to slide down the big kid slide.
Ashtyn took a while to warm up to the pirate ship, but pretty soon she became CAPTAIN!
Does that make me the Skipper???
NAH! I can be captain, too! I'm looking out for bad guys.
STEERING! Two Cousins... out for a swing
Ashtyn LOVES to swing...
... Me? Not so much! UNCLE BOBBY~ I TOLD you not to push me HIGH!


C&C Mama said...

Hey Thatch!! Chandler loves to swing like Ashtyn. This weekend, I taught her how to do the "SPIDER"-ask your Mommy to show you. It's really fun! Come see us soon--we love you!

Gram said...

Isn't it fun to be outside??? It looks like you and Ashtyn had fun playing on the playground.

Tammy said...

What a fun day it looks like you all had!

Grananny and Grandad said...

You're in good company, Thatcher.
Uncle Todd didn't like the swing either.