Monday, March 31, 2008

Thatcher the Mountain Climber

Well, Daddy put together my new climber. I had so much fun on it tonight that I kicked and screamed when I had to go back inside (literally.) I loved playing with the telescope... if it were darker, I probably could have seen Mars or something~ Instead I just saw Daddy's eyeball. I loved going down the slide, and even attempted head first. I can't quite climb up the rock wall by myself, so Daddy had to help me. All my silly Mom seems to be able to do is take pictures. Oh, well. ENJOY!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter~ What will next year hold?

Tonight Mommy looked at the pictures of Easter last year when I was just five weeks old. Comparing the two pictures side by side show JUST how much I've grown this year. It makes me wonder what pictures I can show NEXT year!

Happy Birthday to me... FINALLY!

So for my birthday, Mommy and Daddy didn't get me anything "big." (Just some clothes and a book.) Well... I told them, I deserve MORE. So, after measuring for a back patio and deciding to get quotes on it, Mommy and Daddy thought ... if we're gonna have a patio, we need an outdoor toy for me. So we went to Toys R Us. I picked out this Mountain Climber... but it wouldn't fit in the car. Today, Mommy mentioned it to her friend Amanda, and she said she could help! So tonight, we went to WalMart (where it was in stock and $20 bucks cheaper- SCORE) and picked up my new climber. This is me with the box in the garage.

YEAH!!! Excited already.
This is what the toy will look like (hopefully) after Daddy puts it together (minus those other kids and that Dude in the picture)

EASTER DAY- Cloughly style

Here I am with Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa and Gram sitting by the pool at Aunt Pat and Uncle Larry's house.

With the G'Rents
Lined up ready for the hunt... evidently this is tradition.

Searching for an egg in the bush.
Daddy helps me find it.
Gram and Grandpa are searching for something.

I think it's an egg Grandpa spies. (Note- I already have one in my hand... really it's all I need.)
But Grandpa wants ME to pick it up... but Grandpa, I already HAVE one. (Note Chandler in the background)
So, obviously- I'm too slow. Chandler sneeks in for the steal!!
And look! She intercepts MY egg!
Well... that's okay- this leaf is cooler than a silly egg anyway!
After stealing my egg, Chandler wants to make up and give me a hug.
Can you tell I DON'T want a hug?!?!
Travis comes in and saves me... we sat and played with leaves. I helped steal (I mean COUNT) eggs with Cheney and Billy. We have to make sure we find them all and don't leave any in Grandma's yard. (Although evidently this counting thing is meaningless since we STILL found eggs from last year in Grandma's yard!! GROOOODY!)Later, I played on the trampoline with Cheney (until he kicked me off saying I was "too little"... WHATEVER, dude.)
Lisa didn't think I was too little to try out the four wheeler!!

Church Easter Egg Hunt

We went to Grandpa's Church, Forest Hills and hunted eggs after church. I was in the area with the two and unders with Chandler. We got LOTS of eggs!

I spy an EGG!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The EASTER BUNNY came to visit me!!

I woke up Sunday morning to find... the EASTER BUNNY had come and filled my Easter basket with all sorts of stuff. Mommy and Daddy tell me that Easter really has nothing to do with a silly bunny... we celebrate Easter because Jesus was resurected from the dead after dying on the cross to save us from our sins. I don't really understand all that yet- but Mommy and Daddy say to pray for me now that someday I'll understand and ask Jesus to be the Savior of MY life. They also say that you never get too old to have the Easter Bunny fill your basket. The bunny put goodies in their baskets, too!
Looking in my basket with Mommy...

...Stealing an egg from Daddy's basket.I liked crawling through the basket- but I got stuck.
Getting stuck didn't keep me from trying again.
Woah! Look at the cool books the Easter Bunny brought.
Our family on Easter morning.

Clear Springs... and my new TRICK

We went to eat at Clear Springs Saturday night. They have the BEST onion rings! ... and we didn't even order any! I'm not allowed to have shrimp until I'm three (thanks to Grandpa's shellfish allergy) so I had to stick with eating veggies. I must say, though, their mashed potatoes are quite yummy. Here's Grandpa taking me into the outhouse.
The three toothpick toters!
DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... here's my new trick! I learned how to drink from a straw. (Daddy taught me with a vanilla malt last week.) I wanted to show Gram and Grandpa, and Gram provided a perfect opportunity when she left her drink sitting on the dock.

Back for seconds... or is this thirds... or fourths???
Just chillin'
With Gram