Sunday, March 30, 2008

EASTER DAY- Cloughly style

Here I am with Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa and Gram sitting by the pool at Aunt Pat and Uncle Larry's house.

With the G'Rents
Lined up ready for the hunt... evidently this is tradition.

Searching for an egg in the bush.
Daddy helps me find it.
Gram and Grandpa are searching for something.

I think it's an egg Grandpa spies. (Note- I already have one in my hand... really it's all I need.)
But Grandpa wants ME to pick it up... but Grandpa, I already HAVE one. (Note Chandler in the background)
So, obviously- I'm too slow. Chandler sneeks in for the steal!!
And look! She intercepts MY egg!
Well... that's okay- this leaf is cooler than a silly egg anyway!
After stealing my egg, Chandler wants to make up and give me a hug.
Can you tell I DON'T want a hug?!?!
Travis comes in and saves me... we sat and played with leaves. I helped steal (I mean COUNT) eggs with Cheney and Billy. We have to make sure we find them all and don't leave any in Grandma's yard. (Although evidently this counting thing is meaningless since we STILL found eggs from last year in Grandma's yard!! GROOOODY!)Later, I played on the trampoline with Cheney (until he kicked me off saying I was "too little"... WHATEVER, dude.)
Lisa didn't think I was too little to try out the four wheeler!!

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Gram said...

The Cloughly traditions have been around for a long time. Thanks for coming down to Seguin to share in those traditions. Next year Chandler better watch out----you will have to get her egg!