Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ashtyn's Birthday!

I hate Elmo.
PRETTY BIRTHDAY GIRL! (Think Ash got enough presents?)

Playing together (above)... Riding Ashtyn's rocking horse (below)
Ashtyn got a swing set and slide combo. I liked the Slide... HATED the swing. Ashtyn liked the swing though. Take a look.

With the Great Grandma's
Coloring Tigger with Gram and Grandpa


Kijar said...
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Grananny and Grandad said...

I see that Ashtyn is now wearing a bow in her hair, and doesn't she look pretty.
Isn't it nice that you and Ashtyn have different toys that you can share when you see each other! I hope you learn to like Elmo.

Gram said...

Look at Ashtyn watching you go down her slide! You two will have so much fun playing together this summer! Hopefully your mommies will try to get together as much as they did last summer.