Thursday, March 27, 2008

Clear Springs... and my new TRICK

We went to eat at Clear Springs Saturday night. They have the BEST onion rings! ... and we didn't even order any! I'm not allowed to have shrimp until I'm three (thanks to Grandpa's shellfish allergy) so I had to stick with eating veggies. I must say, though, their mashed potatoes are quite yummy. Here's Grandpa taking me into the outhouse.
The three toothpick toters!
DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... here's my new trick! I learned how to drink from a straw. (Daddy taught me with a vanilla malt last week.) I wanted to show Gram and Grandpa, and Gram provided a perfect opportunity when she left her drink sitting on the dock.

Back for seconds... or is this thirds... or fourths???
Just chillin'
With Gram


jocelyn594 said...

Thatch, I love your straw trick!!

Tammy said...

Tell your mommy GREAT photos! :0)

Grananny and Grandad said...

We're glad you know how to drink from a straw at such an early age. It took your Daddy a little longer to achieve that skill.

Gram said...

What a nice looking family! Thatcher, next time you are out on the dock, you will have to put on a life jacket. You can run too fast!