Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Posed Pictures

It only took 8 million pictures to get a couple where I wasn't leaning backwards, screaming, pouting or Mommy/Daddy was looking at me and not the camera. We had no luck on a family picture later in the day... so this is what you get... us against a white wall with a Peep in my mouth.

It's still puzzling to me the significance of the diving board... but in this family, it seems to be the only place to take pictures- regardless of the scenery in the background. Pose after pose- all the great grand kids. One family, then another... then grandparents... then, yup- MELTDOWN!!

Cousins on the diving board... Ash was in Louisiana with her Daddy's side of the family.

Our "Boys Rule!" Picture (maybe next year there will be another boy?!?! We'll see when AL has her sonogram in a few weeks!)

... and of course, it wouldn't be Easter without Paw Paw getting into trouble!!

What did the Easter Bunny Bring?

I kinda saw my Easter Basket before anyone had their camera out... what do you expect people? This nose can sniff out candy miles away! I got some cool stuff in my Easter basket!
The Easter bunny brought Mommy and Daddy some goodies, too. I wonder where I get my sweet tooth from?! Look at the last picture and see what two members of the family are opening CANDY Wappers!


Grandpa had these silly fun eggs filled with paper called cascarones. I didn't know what they were, but he showed me! Funny, though. I couldn't tell the difference between the hard boiled eggs and the cascarones! I tried to hit Paw Paw on the head with a hard boiled!

I didn't like the "mess" we made, so I swept all the little pieces off PawPaw's leg... but I still had a bunch of mess I couldn't see!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Evidently, I was born into a family where Easter Egg hunting is a BIG deal. Due to the fierce competition, I've been practicing for the big hunt tomorrow afternoon. I practiced yesterday (pics below) and twice today. Hopefully tomorrow at Grandma Great's house there won't be any boats to distract me. (Yes, I have "shiny ball" syndrome.)

Dying Eggs for the Easter Bunny

Well, we traveled to Seguin to visit Gram and Grandpa for Easter. Somehow, the Easter Bunny always finds me there... so I'm not going to risk being anywhere else for Easter! This year, I got to dye eggs. Unfortunatly for the eggs, this same morning, Grandpa taught me how to crack raw eggs to cook with. How was IIIII supposed to know that Gram had boiled these eggs to hardboiled? I just know- see egg, try to crack it. ... We all got a laugh out of my egg dying experience. Here's some pics for you to look at.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The little things in life...

I went to a b-day party at the Little Gym... but look what I found the most interesting... Luke showed me the ropes.

Belated B-day pics for Ash

Well, now that Ashtyn has been two for quite some time... maybe Mommy can finally post pictures! Here's the Birthday girl!

Ash got a new "park" in her back yard... would you believe I ACTUALLY got on the swing... and I DIDN'T cry!!

... of course, I loved the dogs next door better than pretty much anything!