Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dying Eggs for the Easter Bunny

Well, we traveled to Seguin to visit Gram and Grandpa for Easter. Somehow, the Easter Bunny always finds me there... so I'm not going to risk being anywhere else for Easter! This year, I got to dye eggs. Unfortunatly for the eggs, this same morning, Grandpa taught me how to crack raw eggs to cook with. How was IIIII supposed to know that Gram had boiled these eggs to hardboiled? I just know- see egg, try to crack it. ... We all got a laugh out of my egg dying experience. Here's some pics for you to look at.


Gram said...

Eeeevvveerrryyybody got to get a hand on this dying experience. This was so much fun.

Jocelyn said...

How cute! I hope y'all have fun in Seguin. We're heading down to Shiner tomorrow after church. We always do confetti eggs!

MeMe said...

Looks like everyone had fun. Do you even like hard boiled eggs?