Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Posed Pictures

It only took 8 million pictures to get a couple where I wasn't leaning backwards, screaming, pouting or Mommy/Daddy was looking at me and not the camera. We had no luck on a family picture later in the day... so this is what you get... us against a white wall with a Peep in my mouth.

It's still puzzling to me the significance of the diving board... but in this family, it seems to be the only place to take pictures- regardless of the scenery in the background. Pose after pose- all the great grand kids. One family, then another... then grandparents... then, yup- MELTDOWN!!

Cousins on the diving board... Ash was in Louisiana with her Daddy's side of the family.

Our "Boys Rule!" Picture (maybe next year there will be another boy?!?! We'll see when AL has her sonogram in a few weeks!)

... and of course, it wouldn't be Easter without Paw Paw getting into trouble!!


C and C Mommy said...

Hey Thatcher!! We had so much fun hunting Easter eggs with you. Thanks for being such a sweet boy!!

MeMe said...

You and Cheney make a great pair!!
Just wait until Chandler and Ashtyn gang up on you guys!! Summer--the war is ON!!

Grandpa said...

Hey, I never saw him leaning backwards, shouting, nor pouting. You must have been with some other guy. That wasn't Thatcher. He was pretty much perfect the whole time he was a my house. And, we weren't getting in trouble...just having some fun. You're just a party pooper Mommy.

Gram said...

How could we have Easter pics any other way, but on the diving board? What a great looking trio of kiddos! I had fun with you all----and missed Ashtyn.

Tammy said...

BEAUTIFUL shot of Thatch and Cheney! Of course all of them are, but that one is awesome!