Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What have I learned in eight years?

I’ve learned that time does not heal all wounds. They scab over, but certain events, scents, sounds, days… rip the scab right off, and the wound is fresh again.

I’ve learned that sometimes “close” counts in more than horseshoes and hand grenades. Being close to the ones you love, even for a moment, etches their every fiber deeper into your soul-so you never forget. Close counts.

I’ve learned that little blessings can come in the form of a six foot four black man who sings in the choir with a bass voice that makes me want to turn around and shout, “Sing Beulah Land, now!”

One of the most important things I’ve learned, I try to pass onto the great-grandson you never knew here on Earth. I’ve learned that while actions may speak louder than words, sometimes famous last words are so very significant, and sometimes they’re all we have… I don’t even have to close my eyes to remember the moment. How I sat at the very top of your bed, leaning over onto the mattress, watching you breathe and singing to you the songs of old. How you shook away the hands clutching yours as you clawed at the mask on your face. How you struggled to push it over your nose and down your chin and almost snapped forcefully back into place. How you turned your head ever so slightly and cut your eyes over directly at me. Those eyes, the color of the sky when translucent clouds drift over, hazy with years of wisdom, work and love. How they fixed upon me as you reached your shaky arm into an abyss of nothingness to search for my hand. How your hand, scaled with time, squeezed mine with strength I thought you’d lost. How you cranked up your dusty box into gear so you could speak loud enough for those precious words to find their way into my ears and penetrate deep into my soul. The voice, so raspy and so clear uttered the final words I ever heard you speak. “You... will... never know...how much...I love you.” Nine words. Nine. Enough words to last me the rest of my life; until the day comes where you can bait my hook and we can fish in crystal together.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties... pictures won't upload... Mommy is posting our vacation pictures onto Facebook. We'll try to get some on the blog, but there won't be as many as we can upload to facebook. Sorry peeps... more later.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hit the Road, Jack AND Our Humble Abode

So, it's good to know Mom and Dad bought this new car JUST for our trip! I'm not sure the ol' ghetto Xterra would have made it with all the stuff we took! We'da had to strap ME to the top!

... somewhere in Louisiana I got Cheetos!...
Here's our Cabin. Not much!!! We sure weren't inside all that often, though. I may be young, but I'm starting to learn about weather. I know where I live, it's HOT!! Mom and Dad said we were traveling SOUTH. Wouldn't you think it'd be HOTTER?!? Well, it wasn't!! It was NICE out.
I slept on the bottom bunk. The top bunk served as our pantry! Good thing I'm an only child!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just and FYI

For those of you who care, I would like to announce that I no longer refer to all birds as "Kack Kacks" (aka. Quack Quacks- you know, the sound a duck makes) They are now called "Kack Kack Buds." Just thought you needed to know that.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Teaching the G'Rents a thing or two

Grandad and Grananny came to visit me on Thursday. Grananny got introduced to my FAVORITE book... Words, Words, Words. This book is from dinosaur times- like when hippies walked the earth! The pictures are all hand drawn, none of that computer graphics cra--- I mean STUFF. Mommy and Daddy aren't sure why this is my favorite book, they just don't get it- OLD SCHOOL RULES! I've been reading this book at least twice a day now for about the last four weeks. Thanks for letting me read to you Grananny!

I also forced Grananny to let me "ride the horsey"... SUCKA!!

Grandad and me in our cool basseez (aka "glasses")

Just lettin' him know who's the boss.

Friday, July 3, 2009

God Rocks! In Concert!!

To end this year's Bible School, our church hosted the children's musical group God Rocks! I was sooo excited to see them live in concert! See- this is me before the concert, dancing in the isle! We were up close, too... on the fifth row.
Girl Fight!

"Slow Motion"

...just some of the kids spawned from the "Real Deal" class...
Brant came to the concert, too!He rocked out with his guitar...Since my mom was too cheap to buy me my own guitar, Brant let me borrow his. I tried to impress the ladies.... and I even got to dance with Miss Amy... Hope yall get to see God Rocks! sometime... check them out on www.godrocks.ca
They have some great scripture learning CDs... I'm already rocking out to them!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Turtle Discovery at the Library

Today I had a really busy day- this afternoon I went to the Library to see Turtle Discovery. They're a group who goes around and edu-ma-cates little dudes like me about reptiles, specializing in turtles. It was REALLY cool... here I am telling momma, "Anada-one Turtle! Anad-a-one!" for the five hundred seventy sixth time in a row.

I stood up almost the entire time! Good thing there was no one right behind us.
Look at this big turtle!

I thought this one was really funny... it's a snake neck turtle. I wonder why?!?

OH LOOK!! A corn snake!

I got to touch the corn snake... it was really dry and not slimy at all.

They let us take a closer look at all the cool reptiles. Lots of different turtles- box turtles, snapping turtles, red something turtles... frogs from Africa and Australia... a newt from the Middle East... and this Bearded Dragon!
The Newt! (and no... not Gingrich.)

I'm DIVIN' IN! (SBS at Harvest)

Well, after I got off the Boomerang Express, I went DIVIN' IN! We had our evening version of VBS at church this week. Mommy didn't get very many pictures of me, because she was with the Kindergardeners... ELEVEN boys!!
Worship Rally

Splash Boy and Splash Girl
Kinders at Bible Story time

Rec- all WATER activities!!
Mommy's Group-- FREESTYLERS

Boomerang Express! (Finally)

I TOLD Mommy that I wanted to ride the ICE train, but somehow we got on the slow train instead... she's JUST NOW posting the pictures (thank you to Aunt Pat and Mrs. Tammy) from VBS in Seguin. (BTW- for you uncultured folks- the ICE is the fast train in Germany... duh!)

I had so much fun going to VBS with Ashtyn and Chandler. We rocked it Toddler Style!! Thanks to Aunt Pat for changing my diapers ;) and planning such cool activities for us!

Bye Bye Boomerang Express! We'll miss you!!