Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Turtle Discovery at the Library

Today I had a really busy day- this afternoon I went to the Library to see Turtle Discovery. They're a group who goes around and edu-ma-cates little dudes like me about reptiles, specializing in turtles. It was REALLY cool... here I am telling momma, "Anada-one Turtle! Anad-a-one!" for the five hundred seventy sixth time in a row.

I stood up almost the entire time! Good thing there was no one right behind us.
Look at this big turtle!

I thought this one was really funny... it's a snake neck turtle. I wonder why?!?

OH LOOK!! A corn snake!

I got to touch the corn snake... it was really dry and not slimy at all.

They let us take a closer look at all the cool reptiles. Lots of different turtles- box turtles, snapping turtles, red something turtles... frogs from Africa and Australia... a newt from the Middle East... and this Bearded Dragon!
The Newt! (and no... not Gingrich.)


Grandma said...

Did you like the turtles? I don't like snakes. Looks like you had lots of fun.

Gram said...

What a great way to learn about reptiles. It is great that your library has such neat guests. I miss you so much! Come see us.

MeMe said...

I didn't see Mommy touch the snake. How does she know it isn't slimy? Looks like fun.