Monday, July 30, 2007

SMACKDOWN... Baby Style

On my way home from Granny and Grandad's house yesterday, I stopped by my cousin Ashtyn's house. (Uncle Bobby and Aunt Laura were there, too.) We decided it would be fun to have a wrestling match.

Waiting for the Referee (my Daddy) to ring the bell... well, to say "Go." I let Ashtyn have a slight advantage since she's a girl.
Holding Ashtyn off.

Oh, she's got me pinned down!
Ready to face off again!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I can SIT UP!!!

It's official. I can sit up all by myself. I started off doing about 10-15 seconds on my own a few days ago, but today I was able to sit up without falling over for a few minutes. After I did this several times, Mommy and Daddy said they think it's "official." I'm getting to be such a BIG boy!

Big City Fairfield- A visit to Granny and Grandad's

This weekend I went to visit my Granny and Grandad in Fairfield. They just moved there from Cleburne because Grandad couldn't handle being retired. He got too bored even after trying to work part time- but then this little church called him as their preacher. It works wonderfully. He and Granny live in a parsonage that the elders of their church built. Mommy says its the nicest parsonage she's ever seen. We went to Palestine on Saturday shopping in "Old Town" and hung out on the back porch. Evidently, this is really nice weather for July- but I don't know any differently since this is my very first July ever. Today (Sunday) we went to Grandad's church. Everyone was really nice and they all thought I was super cute (DUH!) Here's some pictures for ya!

Look at me by the city limits sign. Told you... BIG city!Granny and me outside one of the shops in Old Town Palestine

Grandad, Granny and Me outside another store. Mommy bought a sign for her classroom that says "I'm not hard to please, I just like things MY WAY!"
Grandad let me honk the horn in the car.
Granny hung out with me on the back porch

Daddy took me on Grandad's lawn mower. Daddy wants one like this and Mommy says when we actually have a big yard he can get one. (I think that's code for "don't hold your breath.")
Chillin' in the yard.
I got kinda hot (cool for July- but it's STILL July!!) so I went in to watch the Cubs game on Grandad's big screen TV. Daddy asked Mommy when he can get one. Funny- Mommy had the same answer as she did with the lawnmower.
I got to take my bath in the kitchen sink.

Gettin' dried off. (I had to get another bath Sunday morning because I tee-teed all over myself... it was the ceiling fan's fault, really.)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Look What's for Dinner

Look at me! I'm FIVE months old, now. I just started learning how to drink from a sippy cup. It's an inbetween kind of sippy cup that helps babies my age transition into big kid sippy cups. I also started tasting rice cereal this week. We're just trying it out a little bit because Mommy still can't decide if she REALLY wants me to have it yet or not. Here are some pictures for you.
Drinking from my sippy cup. I still can't sit up and lean my head back. Instead, I drink from it more like a bottle.
Some goes in, most comes out.

Picking up Rudy at Aunt Leslie's

On Monday I went with Mommy to Aunt Leslie's house to pick up my big brother Rudy (he didn't get his passport in time to go to Cozumel. As you can see, I've finally taken some interest in Rudy- mostly, I like to eat him. He sits (with a little coaxing) and lets me pet him. Some would say I'm pulling his hair, but that's the only way I know how to pet right now.
Me with my Aunt Leslie. I sure do love her! Rudy tastes furry.
Just wait until I get teeth.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Trip to COZUMEL

Wow! I had a wonderful time on vacation this year. I went to Cozumel with my Mommy, Dadddy, Gram and Grandpa. Here are some highlights from the week.
Me with Mommy and Daddy waiting on the flight. You could tell the other passengers were secretly saying, "Please don't let them sit by us... please don't let them sit by us." Except for one couple. Evidently they were vacationing without their little boy and I made them miss him. (We ended up sitting next to them!!)
Me with Gram on the plane. I was kind of anxious to get going~ but only from excitement not from fear.
Here I am with Mommy and Daddy just before we took off. I did really well on the plane and I didn't even cry one single time! Mommy just fed me on the takeoff and landing... I pretty much slept the rest of the time. It was super EARLY- what do you expect?
Here I am in my "bed" Mommy and Gram created for me in the suitcase. Don't let them take credit, though... it was really Daddy's idea. It worked pretty well, except that Gram and Grandpa kept the condo so cold that I froze and ended up in bed at 2 am with Mommy and Daddy.
Taking a snooze in the sun tent (thanks Cheney and Chandler!) at the Hotel Barracuda- waiting for Gram and Grandpa to finish their dive.

Right outside Carlos and Charlie's Beach Club. We spotted a wild iguana that only had three legs. Super cool!
My first time in the OCEAN! I didn't stay in very long because the sun was really bright that day. I had fun anyways.
Here I am just chillin' out on the lounger at Carlos and Charlie's Beach club...
... And then five minutes later knonked out with Grandpa.
I WANTED SOME frozen limeade, too! Mommy wouldn't let Grandpa give me any but she thinks he snuck some my way anyhow.
The music was really loud and there were lots of crazy people so I thought I'd join in the fun- so I started dancing on the table!
One Day we took the ferry across to Playa Del Carmen. Here's a picture of Me with Mommy and Daddy in the street of the touristy part of Playa.
Mommy took me to the sand to get my picture. The funniest thing happened- other people came over and started taking my picture! I felt like a movie star.
After all the sand, Grandpa took over showing me all the crazy stuff Playa has to offer- including letting me face off with a baby iguana! I think I won the staring contest.
With all the excitement, I was BEAT! YAWN. Still had time to pose in a sombero, though.
Told you I was beat. Here I am with Grandpa waiting for the ferry. He didn't even know that I'd konked out on him.
I did wake up in time to enjoy the ferry ride back to Cozumel. Here I am waving bye-bye to Playa del Carmen.
BYE PLAYA! See you next time.
One night we went to a new resturant on the top of a hotel. The food was really wondeful- but the view was even better.
With Gram and Grandpa

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Getting Ready for Cozumel

Well... On Saturday I leave for Cozumel. It'll be my very first time on a plane, my first time at the beach, my first time at the Ocean, my first time speaking Spanish... CRAZY! I'm super duper excited. Gram and Grandpa are going with us. They're even coming up and flying out of DFW so they can be on my flight. We'll be gone a whole week.... I'm sure I'll have lots to share when I get home.Here I am getting packed for Cozumel. Silly Mommy- you don't pack ME!!

Here I am in my jumperoo. I still don't really jump, I mostly just HANG out. :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Who Says I'm Bald ????

My Grandpa gave me HIS hair since I really don't have any of my own. This is a great color for me, don't you think??

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Real Men Wear PINK!

Look at me in my Eskimo Joe's Outfit! Mommy and Daddy bought this in Oklahoma for me before I was ever born. Daddy is an Okie... he's not really from Muskogee even though Mommy always says he is. This picture was taken in the morning before Mommy and I went to visit Grandmother.... Being the great Mommy that she is- mine didn't pack any extra clothes for me. Wouldn't you know it- I had a blow out. Since Mommy went to run an errand, Grandmother decided to take advantage of the opportunity and put me..........
IN PINK!!!!! Can you believe it?! Mommy got back and Grandmother was just laughing. She told Mommy that I had a blow out. Mommy said, "Great- did you put him in a dress or something?" Grandmother replied, "OH! I wish I'd have thought about that! You have to see him though- he's asleep on my bed." Mommy walked into Grandmother's room and I this is what she saw! Funny how I blend so nicely with the pink rose printed sheets. THANKS Grandmother. Good thing REAL men wear pink!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Well... yesterday was the Fourth of July and the fireworks our silly neighbors kept shooting off kept me awake! Mommy finally went over and told them to knock it off at midnight. They were drunk and really rude but finally ran out of fireworks. I told Mommy to go light some black cats in front of their house at 6 a.m. this morning to let them see how it feels... but she didn't.
Last night I was laying on the bed with Daddy and I grabbed this little round neck pillow that's kinda like a bean bag. I kept pulling and pulling on it until I got it all around my head. I guess it looked like I had a 'fro, so we took pictures!

I got a new play gym that is supposed to grow with me. Right now, I like to kick it which pushes it away so I can't reach it. Really, I just do it to annoy Mom and Dad so they have to keep putting it back- just don't tell them. It was really funny watching them try to take it apart. You see, Mommy put the blue play bar on upside down. Evidently, this toy is much easier to put together than it is to take apart. Daddy had to help and they played tug of war with it... then Mommy put it back together- WRONG AGAIN!! Daddy says he may not have any hair, but Mommy has blond hair- whatever that means. Anyhow, now it's put together correctly. Tata for now!