Sunday, July 29, 2007

Big City Fairfield- A visit to Granny and Grandad's

This weekend I went to visit my Granny and Grandad in Fairfield. They just moved there from Cleburne because Grandad couldn't handle being retired. He got too bored even after trying to work part time- but then this little church called him as their preacher. It works wonderfully. He and Granny live in a parsonage that the elders of their church built. Mommy says its the nicest parsonage she's ever seen. We went to Palestine on Saturday shopping in "Old Town" and hung out on the back porch. Evidently, this is really nice weather for July- but I don't know any differently since this is my very first July ever. Today (Sunday) we went to Grandad's church. Everyone was really nice and they all thought I was super cute (DUH!) Here's some pictures for ya!

Look at me by the city limits sign. Told you... BIG city!Granny and me outside one of the shops in Old Town Palestine

Grandad, Granny and Me outside another store. Mommy bought a sign for her classroom that says "I'm not hard to please, I just like things MY WAY!"
Grandad let me honk the horn in the car.
Granny hung out with me on the back porch

Daddy took me on Grandad's lawn mower. Daddy wants one like this and Mommy says when we actually have a big yard he can get one. (I think that's code for "don't hold your breath.")
Chillin' in the yard.
I got kinda hot (cool for July- but it's STILL July!!) so I went in to watch the Cubs game on Grandad's big screen TV. Daddy asked Mommy when he can get one. Funny- Mommy had the same answer as she did with the lawnmower.
I got to take my bath in the kitchen sink.

Gettin' dried off. (I had to get another bath Sunday morning because I tee-teed all over myself... it was the ceiling fan's fault, really.)


Gram said...

Great pictures! I am so glad that Granny and Grandad got to spend the weekend with you. You are so much fun to be with!

Lisa and Liam said...

Thatcher is so gorgeous!! Love the picture in the towel! Looks like you had a great visit! Lucky little guy!!

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

Glad you had a fun visit with your Granny and Grandad. Tell Daddy to keep bugging for the big screen TV, my Daddy kept bugging for one and he finally got one! I don't watch it much, Mommy doesn't leave it on during day.

Wasn't it fun to take a bath in the sink! I take one there every day, Mommy and Daddy say they are too lazy to bend over the tub every day. They are OLD!