Thursday, July 5, 2007


Well... yesterday was the Fourth of July and the fireworks our silly neighbors kept shooting off kept me awake! Mommy finally went over and told them to knock it off at midnight. They were drunk and really rude but finally ran out of fireworks. I told Mommy to go light some black cats in front of their house at 6 a.m. this morning to let them see how it feels... but she didn't.
Last night I was laying on the bed with Daddy and I grabbed this little round neck pillow that's kinda like a bean bag. I kept pulling and pulling on it until I got it all around my head. I guess it looked like I had a 'fro, so we took pictures!

I got a new play gym that is supposed to grow with me. Right now, I like to kick it which pushes it away so I can't reach it. Really, I just do it to annoy Mom and Dad so they have to keep putting it back- just don't tell them. It was really funny watching them try to take it apart. You see, Mommy put the blue play bar on upside down. Evidently, this toy is much easier to put together than it is to take apart. Daddy had to help and they played tug of war with it... then Mommy put it back together- WRONG AGAIN!! Daddy says he may not have any hair, but Mommy has blond hair- whatever that means. Anyhow, now it's put together correctly. Tata for now!


Ashley Hester said...

OMG He's such a little cutie! I like his toys!

C&C Mama said...

Thatcher you make me laugh!! You are such a funny boy!! Cheney & Chandler love and miss you!! Have fun in Cozumel and post lots of pics when you return!!