Monday, July 2, 2007

Fun in the Sun... A Trip to Gram and Grandpa's

Mommy and I drove down with Laura and Ashtyn to visit Gram and Grandpa last Wed. I heard Mommy and Laura talk about how interesting it is taking a four and a half hour trip with a three and a four month old. I think it took longer than it should.

We had a ton of fun! We went swimming every day, I went on my first boat ride, I touched my first real live fishy, I even got to waterski (okay- that was Cheney, not me.) Here are some pictures I want to share with you....

Looky here! Grandpa caught this fish and let me give it a great big hug. I thought it was quite interesting, but you know- I always thought fish were bigger than this. At least they sound bigger in the stories Grandpa tells about the ones that get away.
Just after these pictures were taken, I tasted river sushi. I put my slimy hands right into my mouth!
Here I am with Gram and Ashtyn in the boat. We were going REALLY fast- pulling a skier behind us (just don't tell Uncle Bobby, okay.) I loved the feel of the wind through my hair... fuzz... okay, I loved the feel of the wind across my cheeks drying the drool to my chin.
WOO-HOO! I love to swim with Ashtyn.
I love the taste of chlorine, too. Yummy.

Mommy lets me go under water sometimes. First she blows on my face (this helps me take a big breath of air) and then she dunks me really quickly under the water.
When I come up out of the water I always blink my eyes and spit- but I haven't cried one single time! Don't worry, Mommy's not being mean. This is actually how you're supposed to teach babies to hold their breath under water. I hope next year I can swim as good as Chandler.
One day I went swimming with Cheney, Chandler, Lisa, Laura, Ashtyn and Mommy.
The next evening Gram and Grandpa went swimming with me.

Daddy came into town on Friday night... guess who I went swimming with on Saturday? YUP! DADDY!
Since the sun was shining, I got in my float and just chilled out for a while. I think I know why Mommy loves the water so much. It's great. Sure does make me sleepy, though.

Saturday night we went to Clear Spings for onion rings and catfish. I wasn't allowed to eat any, either. SO not fair! Afterward, we took some "great grandkid" pictures. Here we are! Aren't we cute?!!


Tammy said...

These are wonderful!!! You were so fun to hold, Thatcher! Mommy needs to record your giggle and put it on your blog for all to hear. See you next time!

Ashley Hester said...

LOL LOve the dunking pictures! He is too cute!

Ron, Melissa and Landon said...

It looks like Thatcher (and his mommy) had a great time!

Dani said...

Yummy chlorine, and Thatch definitely looks too cool in his float, all decked out with his shades.

And yes I "folded up" the float and canopy and got it back in the little round bad and zipped it back up, the only hassle was getting all the air out. AND I'm Blonde, LOL.

But I will admit I've had practice with those wirey fold up things with my 13 year old.

jocelyn594 said...

I love how both Thatcher and Ashtyn are BALD! Too cute!