Monday, July 30, 2007

SMACKDOWN... Baby Style

On my way home from Granny and Grandad's house yesterday, I stopped by my cousin Ashtyn's house. (Uncle Bobby and Aunt Laura were there, too.) We decided it would be fun to have a wrestling match.

Waiting for the Referee (my Daddy) to ring the bell... well, to say "Go." I let Ashtyn have a slight advantage since she's a girl.
Holding Ashtyn off.

Oh, she's got me pinned down!
Ready to face off again!


Ashtyn said...

Hey Thatch! I had such a good time playing with you. Can't wait to see you again....Girls Rule, Boys Drool!!!!

Gram said...

Now, Now, children. You are going to keep on till someone gets hurt! --------- But, till then, the challenge is on!!!

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

Ohhh how cute, it's so awesome that Thatcher has a cousin so close to his age! and I'm sorry to say but Ashtyn is right, Girls Rule, Boys Drool! (However, since I'm going through 3 bibs a day, maybe girls drool too, but shhhh)

Tammy said...

Too cute! I love the looks on their faces in these pictures.

jocelyn594 said...

I love it that Thatcher and Ashtyn are SO very close in age! I hope they're best friends!

Kady Mae Bella said...

This is so cute!! Thatch is so lucky to have a little one to grow up with! Hopefully they'll be the best of friends!