Friday, August 3, 2007

Play Time

Sitting in my Bumbo, playing. This toy plays (very loud) music every time I move something on it.
Sometimes I get tired of being in my bumbo and I try to lean back and tip it over. Mommy tried to get a picture of me with my head leaning back, but I wouldn't do it again. She and Daddy are afraid I might get strong enough to flip it over... I might.
I love having ALL my toys around me. Even though I can sit up by myself, I still like to sit inside the Boppy so I don't fall over as easily. I do tend to face plant when I reach out too far for my toys- so Mommy put a pillow in front of me.


Ashley Hester said...

LOL Lily does that too!!!

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

Oh Cassidy has that animal train, she loves the Giraffe (the top of its head much taste yummy cause she's always chewing on it).

The boppy sure does come in handy as a cushion behind the baby.

Kady Mae Bella said...

He's really good at sitting up! Kady hasn't mastered that yet!

jocelyn594 said...

Boppy... Bumbo... oh my!

Ashtyn said...

That noisy toy of yours is one of my favorites, too! I can't wait to play with you again.