Monday, August 20, 2007

Just another Manic MONDAY

Today was a very busy day for me. I went to daycare for the first time ever! I actually did pretty well- just cried a little when I was being sympathetic to the other criers in my room. My teachers are really nice and there's so much to do. I was only there for a little while, but tomorrow Mommy goes back to work, so I'll get to spend a lot longer at "school."
I also had my six month well baby appointment. It wasn't the best doctor's appointment. It turns out I've only gained a pound in the last two months so Dr. Yok was concerned. She says it might be because I'm becoming more active, but she also thinks I need to eat more. Mommy is worried (and feels pretty guilty, I might add) because she starts back to school and hasn't been able to pump as much as Dr. Yok wants me to eat. For now, she's going to work really hard to make me enough milk for school. I know she used to have a lot and was able to store some- so that will help us for a while.

I'm now 15 pounds, 10 ounces and back down to the tenth percentile for weight. I'm 26 1/2 inches long- still pretty average for a guy my age.

The other "bad" news we knew was coming. I have REALLY bad skin. Both Mommy and Daddy had really bad skin when they were little, too. In fact, Daddy still gets excema. Dr. Yok gave me a couple of RXs to help. Hopefully it'll get better soon.

To top my day off... I got to eat PEAS for the first time today!! Mommy and Daddy were excited and all prepared for funny faces I would make. Boy did I disappoint them! I really liked the peas. I ate them all up and some rice cereal, too! They still took some pictures to share, though.
Daaaaad! I'm trying to eat- quit taking pictures!
Moooooooooore! I want Moooooore!

I said MORE! If you're not fast enough, I'll do it myself!


Tammy said...

Thatcher, you're growing so fast and such an adorable little boy! I sure do enjoy watching you grow through your blog!

Gram said...

How can the doctor say you are not eating enough? Look at you go!

Miles said...

Thatcher, I only gained 2 pounds from my 4-6 months appointments so I know how it is. Hang in there, those peas and other solids will pack on the pounds! ~Miles

Ron, Melissa and Landon said...

Hi Thatcher. I'm only about one pound heavier than you (16 lbs, 12 oz), but I'm shorter (only 26 inches). I think you're doing fine! We'll all catch up to those bigger boys at some point.

Ashley Hester said...

They will only eat as much as they want you can't FORCE them to eat! I think you're doing a great job. I would let him eat until he stops..maybe make 6 oz to 7oz bottles. Thats what Lily eats now..

hang in there!

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

YUMMMMMY Peas. Cassidy likes them too. Tell your Mommy and Daddy that you are saving your "yucky" face for Green Beans, blech!

Kady Mae Bella said...

What a little ham! She is so sweet! Thatch is growing up to be quite the handsome young man!

E said...

Awwww, he's such a cutie-pie! He's such a little cuddle bug, too. Reminds me SOOOO much of Cam at that age. I'm so glad I can check out your blogs and keep up from a distance. =0)