Wednesday, October 31, 2007

(ROAR) Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet! (ROAR!)

Tonight was my first Halloween ever. I went to "Light Up the Night" at my church. I got to see some of my friends. I made some new friends, too. One of Mommy's students went with us and we met some others there. They all really liked me... take a look!
ROAR! At home getting ready to go...

We're here! There were lots of people, so we had to park far away. Look at my cool Trick or Treat Bag. It's as big as I am!
Trick or Treat! Give me CANDY... okay... Milk is good, too!


Here I am with friends from Church: Braeden and Kaylie

Me, Mommy and Daddy on our my first Halloween

Here I am with some of Mommy's students

MK really liked me...

... and I really liked her.

My Daddy is the BEST!

Look- It's SOPHIE!! Maybe someday she can be my girlfriend... for now, I just wanted to eat her pretty fairy wings.

HAPPY HARVEST! (no pun intended)
All Tuckered out! Wow... that was fun!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Up Close Chomp Pic

Mommy got a good one!

Halloween EVE!!

Today I wore my "Little Devil" outfit to school. I think Mommy thought it was supposed to be opposite day or something because she KNOWS I'm an angel... or perhaps she was honoring my Aunt Jane in Germany. Either way, I still looked cute.

Here I am above with Daddy... what can I say, I was TIRED. I wake up super early. Below, I had just finished eating so I was in a better mood playing with my new favorite toy- the Animal Train.

Tonight, I got to wear my new Halloween Jammers Gram and Grandpa gave me. Don't I look cute? Gosh- why do I even ask that question... I already KNOW I'm cute!

How I Crash

I've decided that I'm a big boy now and I don't need anyone to help me get to sleep. In fact, if Mommy or Daddy try to hold me, I just play and play. They have to put me in my crib and BAM! I'm out in a matter of minutes. Last night, Daddy went in to check on me. He said I looked like some drunk college kid crashed out on a couch. I was all squished up at the head of my bed with my arm hanging out and my paci barely in my mouth, snoring. :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Fun- Boo at the Zoo and MORE!

Gram and Granpa came up for a visit this weekend. Gram and Grandpa brought me a Halloween gift. They could have just given me the bag and tissue paper- because I liked it best.

We met AL, Bobby and Ashtyn at the Fort Worth Zoo on Saturday and had a great time!

I met a chimp face to face. They were really showing off hitting the glass for all the kids watching. The ones inside are the young chimps. The older ones were outside but they were more boring than the show offs.

The black Rhino was trying to impress the girly Rhino. He kept running around and making Rhino noises. Now when someone asks me what I Rhino sounds like... I'll know! It was SO cool!


After our trip to the Zoo, we were really tired. Astyn and I took a bath together. It was the first time either of us had been in the big bathtub. We liked playing with our bath toys.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My parents... the idiots.

How Daddy is an idiot- He turned on the garbage disposal after a glass babyfood jar fell down it. Yowzahs! He spent all day yesterday fixing it. To his defense- neither he nor Mommy realized the jar had fallen in the sink.

How Mommy is an idiot- While some of you would have an endless supply of stories about how Mommy is an idiot (or blonde) here's the latest... Daddy bought a huge tub of butter because it was cheaper. Mommy doesn't like it because she has to use two hands to get it out of the fridge. Then, on top of that, it collects water because we don't use it often enough. Yesterday while yelling at Daddy for buying the big tub of butter instead of the small tub, she was trying to "dump" off the excess water. Well, she did get rid of the excess water, alright... along with the excess BUTTER!! DOH!