Wednesday, October 31, 2007

(ROAR) Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet! (ROAR!)

Tonight was my first Halloween ever. I went to "Light Up the Night" at my church. I got to see some of my friends. I made some new friends, too. One of Mommy's students went with us and we met some others there. They all really liked me... take a look!
ROAR! At home getting ready to go...

We're here! There were lots of people, so we had to park far away. Look at my cool Trick or Treat Bag. It's as big as I am!
Trick or Treat! Give me CANDY... okay... Milk is good, too!


Here I am with friends from Church: Braeden and Kaylie

Me, Mommy and Daddy on our my first Halloween

Here I am with some of Mommy's students

MK really liked me...

... and I really liked her.

My Daddy is the BEST!

Look- It's SOPHIE!! Maybe someday she can be my girlfriend... for now, I just wanted to eat her pretty fairy wings.

HAPPY HARVEST! (no pun intended)
All Tuckered out! Wow... that was fun!


C&C Mama said...

Oh, Thatcher! I am so glad you had fun tonight! We had a great time too. Chandler looked just like you-ASLEEP on the way home!! Love you!!

Gram said...

What an adorable tiger you are! It looks like you had a great first Halloween. Watch out for those girls, though. You are too young to be hanging out with some of those kids!

MeMe said...

What a cute tiger!! Halloween is fun, I don't care what some people say.

Tammy said...

Thatcher, you look like you'd fit IN your goody bag! You were an adorable tiger! Love the pictures as always!

Ashley Hester said...

What a cute little tigger you are!

Ron, Melissa and Landon said...

I love his whiskers too!

Grandma said...

What a good looking Tiger. I liked the whiskers and mostly the picture with your two front teeth showing. Did you fill the big bag?

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

Love the picture of the three of you, you are an adorable family.