Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Festivities

So... Tonight was HALLOWEEN.   I sure made a haul!  Look at me with all of my candy!!
 And look at how much all of my candy weighed! 
 I sure will be on a sugar high for a while... that's if Mommy and Daddy don't steal my candy!
 Last weekend, we went to a local church for their INDOOR trunk or treat. (They moved it inside because of rain.) I dressed up as an ALLIGATOR!  CHOMP!
 I played games...
 ...and became "Franken-Boogie"
 Showed off my "future Ranger skills"...
 ... and met my friend Ryland there...
 ... I even got to go into the mini petting zoo....
 .... AND I rode a PONY!!!....
 They had lots of games...
 I really liked Basketball.
 Mommy's friend's husband made these...
 Finally- it was time for the jump houses and slides!

Hope you all had as great of a HALLOWEEN as I did this year!!

Go Rangers!!

So last night our Rangers won their first EVER World Series Game.  Daddy let me play catch with him INSIDE (against Mommy's pleading not to) while we watched the game.  During the seventh inning, Daddy got out his "do-rags" for us to wear.  We had fun!
And yes... that's gum on my face in the picture above.  I made a gum worm and plastered it to my nose.  Boys get silly when our teams win!
 I couldn't have Mommy put away the camera WITHOUT taking a picture with Rudy.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cowboy Boogie

Last night we went to the rodeo at the stockyards.  I sported my cowboy hat, button down and BOOTS (thanks Cheney).  I LOVE the rodeo and want to learn how to rope.  (Mommy's very thankful I'm more interested in roping than riding bulls.)  Last night, we saw a couple of cowboys get injured, both while riding bucking broncos... they ended up being okay, but I've asked LOTS of questions about that whole situation.
 Mommy favorite quote of the evening....
"Mommy, is her a boy... or a lady bull?"
 MOMMY and ME!