Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hasta Lavista MULLET

So it took me 17 months to finally grow enough hair to require a haircut. I hear with my genes I may not need very many of these in my lifetime, so I'm going to cherish each and every one. For my first haircut I went to this cool place in Southlake called Pigtails and Crewcuts. I opted for the latter. As you will see, it was all fun and games until they brought out the BUZZER!!!
The BEFORE pictures. Quite happy with my mullet driving the taxi.
First snips - notice, still happily driving along.
AH- Sharp object at 3:00 DUCK!
Recovered, but taking off the smock for oh, the fourth time.
Okay, Okay... I'm LOSING it here. Get that blasted buzzing sound away from me!
Looking so sad to have lost my friend, Mullet.
Michelle cut my hair.
The good part... I got to pick a TREASURE from the chest. I picked a bracelet. Somehow Daddy "lost" it for me, though... ???

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Island Visit... COZUMEL!

Travel Day... on our way to Cozumel
We're HERE! Outside our Condo.
The divers went to do a shore dive, so we went with them and swam. I did a little happy dance!

But my dance was short lived because it started to STORM!!!

The next morning Daddy was sick and the weather was still icky. It rained almost all day. We watched Baby Einstein.

We went to one of Grandpa's favorite resturants, French Quarter.
Then we wrestled Grandpa in Ashtyn's tent. We won.
Even though it was still over cast, we decided to play on the beach by our condo.
And we went to Mommy and Daddy's favorite resturant, Popeye's.I tried to give Ashtyn Lovin', but she doesn't like the way I hold her head to give her smooches.After a nap, we went back out to the pool. Daddy got home from golfing, and swam with us.
We went to Prima's. I loved the mariachi music.After swimming... I fell asleep before I even took ONE bite of food. ...sleeping on GrandpaOnto Carlos and Charlie's Beach... humm... are you starting to see a theme??While I slept, Mommy and Daddy played with Ashtyn. But I woke up and joined in the fun. The next morning, Mommy, Daddy and I went to breakfast together and stopped by Margaritaville to pose. Then we spent some time on the condo beach together. I played in the sand...posed for pictures with the 'rents...... and then... you guessed it... CRASHED....after my beauty sleep, it was out for another swim... That night, Mommy and Daddy went out on a Date. First, they took their annual self portrait.And then went out for dinner out on the pier and watched the sun set.And of course, Mommy had to act goofy.While they had their date night... I went out on the town! Gram and Grandpa even let me put my feet on the table!
SURF's UP So, Mommy and Daddy had their date night... the next night we had our Family Night. We went to Carlos and Charlie's.Sunset on our last night in Cozumel. Last Day Family Portraits: