Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hasta Lavista MULLET

So it took me 17 months to finally grow enough hair to require a haircut. I hear with my genes I may not need very many of these in my lifetime, so I'm going to cherish each and every one. For my first haircut I went to this cool place in Southlake called Pigtails and Crewcuts. I opted for the latter. As you will see, it was all fun and games until they brought out the BUZZER!!!
The BEFORE pictures. Quite happy with my mullet driving the taxi.
First snips - notice, still happily driving along.
AH- Sharp object at 3:00 DUCK!
Recovered, but taking off the smock for oh, the fourth time.
Okay, Okay... I'm LOSING it here. Get that blasted buzzing sound away from me!
Looking so sad to have lost my friend, Mullet.
Michelle cut my hair.
The good part... I got to pick a TREASURE from the chest. I picked a bracelet. Somehow Daddy "lost" it for me, though... ???


C and C Mommy said...

Thatcher!! You look like a "big boy" now!! You are growing sooo fast--SLOW DOWN please!!

Ashtyn said...

You look so OLD! I like it. Can you show my Mommy where that cool haircut place is in a couple of years when I finally have enough hair to get my first haircut???

Gram said...

Oh no! You look too old! I am so sorry the lady made you cry, but you sure look handsome.

Andrea said...

Thatch, I like it a lot!

MeMe said...

Thatcher, you are officially a "big boy" now. Maybe next year you can have a mohawk like Cheney's.

Grananny and Grandad said...

Thatcher, you are not a little baby anymore. You now look like a young man. These pictures are priceless!

Grandma said...

Oh, what a good looking little man. You sure do look grown up now. Where are the curls? Now Daddy has to take me for a hair cut real often. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Irishembi said...

Aw that's so precious! I love the "AFTER" photo wiht the lower lip pooched out!

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

What an awesome car to get your haircut in! They had a place like that around here years ago (when Zac was a baby) but nothing like that anymore!

You look like such a big boy!!