Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Day Visits

The nice thing about Summertime is that Mommy doesn't have to work. This means we have time to go visit people during the day. Last week we stopped to visit with Grandmother and spent lunchtime with Ashtyn. Well- truth be told, we went to Costco to get Fiber One bars (which I love by the way). Here are a few pictures.
Windchimes make funny noises.
Grandmother always has such pretty flowers. Not so much at my house, since my Mommy kills just about anything without even trying to. I guess there can only be so many green thumbs in one family.
Ashtyn doesn't exactly like me to touch her... she's such a girly girl!

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Gram said...

Thatcher, enjoy your running around since it doesn't last long enough. I hope you and mommy are having a fun summer.