Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Learning to Swim... the Journey

Okay... so I only have two more days of swim lessons, so I thought I'd introduce you to a typical day at lessons. Okay, the first five minutes... (Mommy can't exactly take pictures in the water you know.) When we get to the pool area, I have to sit in a chair. I'm not allowed to stand and wait for Mommy due to past adventures (that I shall not detail here.)

Here's a small example of WHY I have to stay in the chair... let's just say... I'm FAST!!

I go down the wheelchair ramp.... (my right food just hit the water in this picture)

... and RUN into the kiddie pool. This is where I play until my teacher is ready for us. She comes and meets us here and tells our Mommies what we'll be working on that day.After I run in a circle around the kiddie pool, I then drop to my knees and CRAWL around the pool.Then I dip and SPLASH and twirl... SPLASH! SPLASH! (I do this for a while.)Sometimes, I even show off my bubble blowing skills. (One day last week I showed my teacher this and she was quite surprised, as I had adamantly REFUSED to do this just the day before.)Here I am with my teacher. We're on our way to the big pool.

A bunch of stuff happens next... blowing bubbles, singing songs about speckled frogs, laying on our backs, me screaming, scooping ice cream, floating the lazy river, a facination with pool equiptment, me throwing a temper tantrum, kicks, bubbles, floating, refusing to do what the teacher wants... yada yada... and of course, I cry because I have to get out of the water.

Then I dry off!

Swim lessons... OUT.


C&C Mama said...

Oh Thatcher!! You make me laugh!!

Gram said...

Why should you do what Mommy and the teacher want you to, when they want you to? Shhh----Your Mommy never did what she was asked!!!

Grananny and Grandad said...

We are so glad you are learning to swim and have fun in the pool.  It sure sound like you have a mind of your own...what fun...just like your Daddy.