Friday, March 20, 2009

Downtown Fountain

Oops- I forgot to post my pictures of me at the fountain. I had fun running around it- but wouldn't really stop for pictures (hello- did you SEE all the pics the momaratzi already took of me this day?!) I did get a little hot, so I took off my shirt and posed for the ladies on a bench. Sadly, the only ones who thought I was cute were some cougars in their early 20s.
I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt... so sexy it HURTS.

Fun with a "Capitol" T (for Thatch... get it? Capitol... haha!!)

So... on the way home from Seguin, we stopped to see Mommy's friend from college, Jocelyn. She works just two blocks north of the Capitol, so we decided to stroll over for some pictures.

I was less than impressed with the Texas state capitol and decided to act like a little pill. What do you expect, people? I AM half Oklahoman after all... see my meltdown...

Once I had my time out we did make it inside. Everyone always takes picture of the ceiling... and leave it to MY mom to lay on the floor to take pictures. I guess she was trying to embarass me back for behaving how I did.

... and as you can tell by the photo below, now I'm getting HER back again for embarassing me. We're going to have a lifelong competition called "Who is more hard headed?"

Lucky for me... my Mommy is not above bribery. See- I have a Lolly... and I'm no longer crying.

Thanks for putting up with me Jocelyn!

Fun at Gram and Grandpa's House

After my photo shoot, I came home and took a nap. Then Grandpa took me over to Russell and Ruby's too look at the fish in their pond. He taught me how to call them... "HERE Fishy Fishy!!"
Then we went out in the boat for a ride.
I helped Gram water the plants...
...then I played AIR HOCKEY!!! I'm GOOD! Look- I even beat Gram AND Grandpa!!

My Two Year "Photo Shoot"

Mommy took some pictures of me while we were in Seguin. Since we haven't officially done two year, photos, I guess this is it! I'm a rock star, don't ya think?!?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Masterpiece

Beat that Ash!

Just a walk in the park...

Yesterday the weather was really nice, so Mommy took me in my wagon to the park. I go down all of the slides on my own. I don't even notice all the grafiti yet, so that's super great! For the purposes of public viewing, Mommy tried to edit the nice "paintings" out. :)

Another Micky D's Party...

... but this time it wasn't for me... it was for BRANT! I like to play at McDonald's with Brant a lot, so this was bonus time- with cake! Usually, I just try to crawl UP the slide, like this...

But THIS time, at Brant's party- I finally learned how to crawl up the tube... and actually GO down the slide. I did this like a million and a half times and had SOOO much fun! Now I can't WAIT to go back!

Mommy didn't get any good shots of me with Brant, but here's one of me with a GREEN cupcake. And, yup! It looked the same coming out as it did going in! (What?! I know inquiring minds want to know... gosh!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Indoor Stuffed Zoo

Last weekend it was really cold outside, so Mommy and Daddy took me to the free indoor "stuffed" zoo (aka. Cabela's). I love looking at the fish, they are HUGE- even bigger than my Paw-Paw's "fish stories!"

I think my favorite area of animals is the African Safari. It's just like being at the real zoo, only I get closer to the animals and none of them try to throw poo at us!

Mommy showed me how to shoot the gun.
I wonder if any of these bucks were shot by Cheney?