Friday, March 20, 2009

Fun with a "Capitol" T (for Thatch... get it? Capitol... haha!!)

So... on the way home from Seguin, we stopped to see Mommy's friend from college, Jocelyn. She works just two blocks north of the Capitol, so we decided to stroll over for some pictures.

I was less than impressed with the Texas state capitol and decided to act like a little pill. What do you expect, people? I AM half Oklahoman after all... see my meltdown...

Once I had my time out we did make it inside. Everyone always takes picture of the ceiling... and leave it to MY mom to lay on the floor to take pictures. I guess she was trying to embarass me back for behaving how I did.

... and as you can tell by the photo below, now I'm getting HER back again for embarassing me. We're going to have a lifelong competition called "Who is more hard headed?"

Lucky for me... my Mommy is not above bribery. See- I have a Lolly... and I'm no longer crying.

Thanks for putting up with me Jocelyn!


MeMe said...

I think you are more Texan and Okie!!

Grananny and Grandad said...

Your mother is so good at "captioning" your blog. She's a genius in how to write just the right things.

Gram said...

Since you go through Austin ofte, you can take some pics of the capitol as you grow up. Then, you can be really embarrassed by these photos.