Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Festivities

So... Tonight was HALLOWEEN.   I sure made a haul!  Look at me with all of my candy!!
 And look at how much all of my candy weighed! 
 I sure will be on a sugar high for a while... that's if Mommy and Daddy don't steal my candy!
 Last weekend, we went to a local church for their INDOOR trunk or treat. (They moved it inside because of rain.) I dressed up as an ALLIGATOR!  CHOMP!
 I played games...
 ...and became "Franken-Boogie"
 Showed off my "future Ranger skills"...
 ... and met my friend Ryland there...
 ... I even got to go into the mini petting zoo....
 .... AND I rode a PONY!!!....
 They had lots of games...
 I really liked Basketball.
 Mommy's friend's husband made these...
 Finally- it was time for the jump houses and slides!

Hope you all had as great of a HALLOWEEN as I did this year!!


Grandma said...

Oh Thatcher, looks like you a great Halloween and lots of fun. Certainly a lot of candy. I liked your suit.

Gram said...

Love you, Thatcher. I miss seeing you have fun Trick or Treating. Save me a bit of candy. Gram and Grandpa will see you in a couple of weeks.

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Mayur Sharma said...

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