Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bad Mommy! Bad Daddy!

My Mommy and Daddy COMPLETELY missed the boat on this one. I've had two ear infections (probably for some time) and they didn't even know it. Of course, now they feel really guilty. I went to the doctor yesterday because Mommy and Daddy were worried that my chest was getting congested. The chest congestion combined with my ever present snotty nose and runny eyes had them concerned that I'd get bronchitis or a sinus infection.

Well... the doctor said my chest sounds fine... BUT both of my ears are "severely" infected. In fact, she said that "On a scale of 1-10, the right one is a 10." Yow-Zahs! I can't count, but I think that's pretty bad.

Good news- my medicine is BUBBLE GUM flavored. Now I get my bubble gum medicine with dinner... then I get my Banana-Grape medicine for allergies before bed.

Note to Mom and Dad-- I won't always have fever with ear infections. I won't always be cranky with ear infections. I won't always lose sleep when I have an ear infection. I won't always refuse to eat with ear infections. Now that you know this-- can you PLEASE take me to the doctor sooner if this ever happens again? THANKS!!


C&C Mama said...

Thatcher-Tell your mommy & daddy: Chandler NEVER got a fever, quit eating, or cried when she had ear infections. She only had a snotty nose and a cough. Don't feel too bad! It won't be the last time that they might miss the boat-just remember the symptoms next time. Enjoy your medicine-hopefully you won't be like Cheney: the more medicine we had to give him (remember-he had LOTS of ear infections), the more he refused it. Now, we have to bribe him! He ABSOLUTELY hates it.

We love you and get well soon!!

R said...

Oh yes, it's happened to me numerous times! Those little buggers just sneak up on you...