Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ashtyn's Day

I missed Ashtyn's big dedication day... well, I showed up for lunch to spread my germs... that's about it. But here are some pictures of my beautiftul cousin I want to share with my loyal readers.

Ashtyn Nicole- all smiles.
On stage with the pastor
Look- Ashtyn's on the Jumbotron!!
Uncle Bobby is silly.
Two pretty ladies.


Ashtyn said...

Thanks Thatch! You are so sweet. I wish you had never gotten sick (for a lot of reasons), but I'm glad you are finally better. We had a good weekend even if we all did get sick later on. Your captions make me blush!

C&C Mama said...

Ashtyn is a pretty girl, Thatch! Too bad you are cousins ;-) You will probably annoy each other tons before you like each other!!

Ashley Hester said...

You have such a cute cousin!! I'm sorry you were feeling sick!!

Grandpa said...

Hey, Thatch. Ashtyn was so beautiful in her pretty new dress. You're really going to have to dress up special for your dedication in order to one up her. I think you ought to wear grandpa's Aneomone Head!
I'm sorry Grandma made you sick and you had to miss Ashtyn's dedication, but I'm happy your feeling better. Hurry down so we can go fishing! I love you.