Monday, September 3, 2007

My Famous Aunt (another Seguin weekend)

My Aunt Laura is famous now... well, at least in Seguin she is. This past weekend she was inducted into Seguin High School's Athletic Hall of Honor. Evidently, she was a pretty good basketball player. That's what everyone tells me, anyhow. Maybe that's why Ashtyn is always wearing Nike stuff.... maybe her Mommy has an endorsement deal. My Mommy says when I grow up I need an endorsement deal, too. Well, anyhow, Aunt Laura got inducted at Friday night's football game which meant (drum roll please) MY FIRST HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAME! I had lots of fun.

Uncle Bobby holding Ashtyn, Aunt Laura, Coach Nelson, Gram and Grandpa...They're talking about Aunt Laura over the speakers.

Here I am! M-M-MATA- D-D- DORS! MATA- DORS! Matadors, Ole!

Grandpa wasn't yelling at the officals (when this was taken)!

Well, The Mats lost... BAD! My first football game, and the home team didn't even win for me!

Anyone want to buy a house? Here's Gram and Grandpa's house with a "FOR SALE" sign out front. Who'da ever thought they'd sell??

Sittin' in the front of the boat with Mommy, Daddy and Rudy.

I couldn't sit in the front of the boat very long, because the wind bothered my eyes....

.... it's a good thing, too. Grandpa took a wave and soaked my Mommy and Daddy. Mommy was pretty mad because she had clothes on and the camera got wet. But then she had to laugh.

Of course, I had to go swimming at Pat and Larry's. I never have to wear clothes in their pool! Gram was trying to let me sit in the float by myself.


C&C Mama said...

Hey Thatch! Chandler sure had fun trying to steal your BINKIE!! Come visit again-she loves you bunches!!!!

MeMe said...

Had fun with you in Sunday School. Hope that you get to come back real soon. You don't have to wear clothes in our pool for a while yet--just ask Cheney.

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

The boat looks fun, even Rudy gets in on the act. I am going to my first high school football game on Friday, my big brother wants to walk around with me, he says I'll be a chick magnet (whatever that is).

Gram said...

We had so much fun with you this weekend. I wish we could do that more often! I guess we just need to treasure each time we can be together. I love you!