Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Trip to COZUMEL

Wow! I had a wonderful time on vacation this year. I went to Cozumel with my Mommy, Dadddy, Gram and Grandpa. Here are some highlights from the week.
Me with Mommy and Daddy waiting on the flight. You could tell the other passengers were secretly saying, "Please don't let them sit by us... please don't let them sit by us." Except for one couple. Evidently they were vacationing without their little boy and I made them miss him. (We ended up sitting next to them!!)
Me with Gram on the plane. I was kind of anxious to get going~ but only from excitement not from fear.
Here I am with Mommy and Daddy just before we took off. I did really well on the plane and I didn't even cry one single time! Mommy just fed me on the takeoff and landing... I pretty much slept the rest of the time. It was super EARLY- what do you expect?
Here I am in my "bed" Mommy and Gram created for me in the suitcase. Don't let them take credit, though... it was really Daddy's idea. It worked pretty well, except that Gram and Grandpa kept the condo so cold that I froze and ended up in bed at 2 am with Mommy and Daddy.
Taking a snooze in the sun tent (thanks Cheney and Chandler!) at the Hotel Barracuda- waiting for Gram and Grandpa to finish their dive.

Right outside Carlos and Charlie's Beach Club. We spotted a wild iguana that only had three legs. Super cool!
My first time in the OCEAN! I didn't stay in very long because the sun was really bright that day. I had fun anyways.
Here I am just chillin' out on the lounger at Carlos and Charlie's Beach club...
... And then five minutes later knonked out with Grandpa.
I WANTED SOME frozen limeade, too! Mommy wouldn't let Grandpa give me any but she thinks he snuck some my way anyhow.
The music was really loud and there were lots of crazy people so I thought I'd join in the fun- so I started dancing on the table!
One Day we took the ferry across to Playa Del Carmen. Here's a picture of Me with Mommy and Daddy in the street of the touristy part of Playa.
Mommy took me to the sand to get my picture. The funniest thing happened- other people came over and started taking my picture! I felt like a movie star.
After all the sand, Grandpa took over showing me all the crazy stuff Playa has to offer- including letting me face off with a baby iguana! I think I won the staring contest.
With all the excitement, I was BEAT! YAWN. Still had time to pose in a sombero, though.
Told you I was beat. Here I am with Grandpa waiting for the ferry. He didn't even know that I'd konked out on him.
I did wake up in time to enjoy the ferry ride back to Cozumel. Here I am waving bye-bye to Playa del Carmen.
BYE PLAYA! See you next time.
One night we went to a new resturant on the top of a hotel. The food was really wondeful- but the view was even better.
With Gram and Grandpa


Ashley Hester said...

aw! I'm glad you had a great time!

Tammy said...

These pictures are wonderful! I love the sunset picture at the end too. Beautiful!

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time. I love using the suitcase as your bed and the picture of you in the sand with 2007 is awesome.

Ron, Melissa and Landon said...

Wow, looking at your pictures makes me so jealous. Sounds like you had an amazing trip. Glad Thatcher had fun too!

Lisa and Liam said...

Great post! I wish I went with you, too! Loved all the pictures especially the 2007 one! Welcome home!

jocelyn594 said...

I'm so happy y'all had such a fabulous time! It looks like Thatch is a really great baby!

Kady Mae Bella said...

Beautiful pictures!! The one of 2007 on the beach was PERFECT! Great idea.

It really looks like you enjoyed yourselves. You look so tan :)

Ashtyn said...

Hey Thatch! I hope you will go to Mexico again next year and we can join you. Can you imagine that trip in a year when we can run around and jump waves together??? Glad you had such a great time. Me and Mommy missed you lots!
Love you!