Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm DIVIN' IN! (SBS at Harvest)

Well, after I got off the Boomerang Express, I went DIVIN' IN! We had our evening version of VBS at church this week. Mommy didn't get very many pictures of me, because she was with the Kindergardeners... ELEVEN boys!!
Worship Rally

Splash Boy and Splash Girl
Kinders at Bible Story time

Rec- all WATER activities!!
Mommy's Group-- FREESTYLERS


MeMe said...

Looks like fun. Hope Mommy is too tired of boys. At least she knows what to look forward to with you!!

MeMe said...

oops--should have said is NOT too tired of boys.

Grandma said...

Did you have fun at VBS? I bet you had more fun at Gram's bible school. You look so cute in the pictures.

Gram said...

Wow! Another week of Bible study. It looks like you had another fun filled week at your church's version of VBS.