Thursday, March 27, 2008

I met Mommy's Friend... she's cute.

On the way to Gram and Grandpa's house we stopped in Austin to meet Mommy's friend Jocelyn at Starbucks. Mommy and Jocelyn went to college together... they became friends because they both knew what a pupek was. (And yes, that's how you spell it- Mommy looked it up.) Ironically enough, Jocelyn grew up right outside of Seguin and went to high school in Gonzales... but they didn't meet until they both sat in JOUR2310 together!

Mommy hadn't seen Jocelyn since her wedding -- the October before I was born! (If you count that meeting, then "technically" I'd met Jocelyn before.


jocelyn594 said...

Yay! It was so great to officially meet you Mr. Thatcher! Let's do it again really soon!

Gram said...

Thatcher, I am glad that Mommy stays in touch with some of her old friends! Ya'll look cute together.