Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Fairfield with GraNanny and Grandad. Look! I didn't even take the first nap of the day!! :)
GraNanny knows how to drive the train... I guess my arms make good tracks.
I've been told there are some things that are acceptable for little kids to do, but not for adults. Evidently this is one of them: being a peeping Tom. I like to look under bathroom doors when people are inside. This time I was trying to peek in on Leslie. Todd learned he should just put the rug up under the door... guess he's modest. I would love to show you pictures of all the family eating at Thanksgiving lunch... but it didn't exactly happen that way. I kind of got tired and cranky and refused to eat. So I took a nap... Mom tried to get me to eat later- but I wasn't hungry. So here's a picture of poor little me all alone at the Thanksgiving table. Sigh. Don't you feel sorry for me?


E said...

Cameron used to do the SAME thing! He'd lay at the bathroom door and peek under it at whomever happened to be in there doing who knows what! Silly boys! =0)

(don't worry, he'll outgrow it!)

Ashtyn said...

It's about time! and your mommy talks about my mommy not posting often enough! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

MeMe said...

Hmmmm--I seem to remember a little girl not able to stay awake to eat.

Gram said...

Yea! You finally got some Thanksgiving Day pictures posted! I have been waiting to see you at Grannanny's and Granddaddy's. It sounds like you had a great time---even though you had to eat by yourself. Your mommy just didn't get to eat when she fell asleep during dinner in Cancun.