Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cloughly Tradition

After we left Gram and Grandpa's house, we went over to Grandma the Great's house. Would you believe even ERNIE beat us over! Everyone was waiting on us... but I was grumy and tired. Finally I laid on the floor and stole some of Chandler's food.
Ash didn't want to sit still and relax, but she did go sit with Gram. Wherever Ashtyn went, Chandler went.
I made my social rounds...

Uncle Bobby finally put me down for a nap. I slept on my new sleeping bag from Santa... though I didn't stay on it. :) When I woke up, almost all the gifts were unwrapped so I got to open a bunch of mine all at once.
I got the first broken toy of the year. :( That's okay- I played more with Chandler's grocery cart.And, now... for my most annoying gift!! A piano that plays songs even while you bang on keys. (According to my mom, I'm not even in the right key so that's why it's annoying.) I love it, though!All the great grandkids settled under the tree after a day of gift opening. We sure had fun together, just the four of us.

We missed you Jeff and Kerry.


C and C Mommy said...

Hey Thatch!!

Come back soon!!

We love you!!

MeMe said...

It was so much fun to watch you open presents. You are a sweetie--come back soon.

Grandpa said...

We had fun. Hurry back to Grandpa's house.

Gram said...

I hated for the day to end. I had so much fun. What a pleasure to see you and your other smaller cousins open packages! I miss you.