Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa's Second Round

Santa found me a SECOND time! Can you believe it? This guy is GOOD. Well, maybe IIIII was just that good? Why are you laughing? Well, anyhow- we went to Gram and Grandpa's (who may now be "Paw Paw" since that's what Ashtyn now calls him) on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning, we heard a loud "HO!HO!HO!" and we ran to the hallway door... but no one would help us open it!
Finally, we busted through. It WAS Santa!Santa brought me a sleeping bag and pillow BOTH with my name on them. I also got some books and some crayons and some matchbox cars. Here's Miss Priss Ashtyn showing off her new sleeping bag. And here I am with my cars. It only took me two days to lose two of them.After we saw what Santa brought us, Mommy read us a story from my new Bible Story book (thanks Su-Su!) about Baby Jesus and the Kings who followed the star. Mommy told us that we get gifts because we believe in Jesus through faith- just like the men who brought gifts to Jesus did. The only thing I'm confused about is why WE get gifts on His birthday. I guess it's kind of like getting a treat bag when you go to someone else's birthday party. Jesus is the one who gives us everything, so we have to remember Christmas is about Him, not about us. After the Bible story we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jesus.Then we opened gifts! I got a truck from Grandmother. I think everyone agreed it was my favorite. I ran laps around the house pushing it!Grandpa... do you have something to tell us?!?!Gram gave Ashtyn and I lollies! I took a break to enjoy my lolly and love on everyone.Granpa got a SCARY Santa mask!Well, once the tree was bare below, we all got ready to go to Grandma the Great's house. That's where we met up with everyone to open even MORE presents! I got all ready and AL put a BOW in my hair! A PINK bow!Weird thing is, I kept it in! I sat with Grandmother and brushed Ashtyn's hair... well, I tried to.Here I am ready to go. Look at my new boots Cheney gave me. He arranged for me to get them early so I could wear them Christmas day. Thanks Cheney, I love them!


C and C Mommy said...

We had so much fun with you, Thatcher!! I am sooo glad that Cheney's boots fit you. I wasn't ready to give them to just anybody!!

We love you!!

Gram said...

Yeehaw! Thank you for sharing your Christmas with me, cowboy. I had so much fun spending some time with you. It was too quiet around here after you left.

Grandpa said...

Hey, Buddy. What a great time we had. Thanks for taking me on a boat ride down the Guadalupe while you were here. Have a Happy New Year!!