Saturday, January 17, 2009

I love Tag!

Lisa tagged my Mommy. I only know that in tag you get to hit people... I mean, you know- PAT them gently right before you tackle them. :) Actually, she said I had to find these things called folders. The fourth one and the fourth picture. So here it is... a picture of Daddy on a zip line tour through the canyons and jungle in Costa Rica. Little did he know when this picture was taken that he'd be a daddy in just nine months! Mommy was already four weeks pregnant!
Now I'm supposed to tag four people... Mommy hasn't taught me how to add links, so you'll have to find their blogs over to the left. I tag: Jocelyn, Janine, MaryBeth and Jane!


C and C Mommy said...

Cool Pic!!


Grandpa said...

Oh, I didn't realize he had a helmet on.

Irishembi said...

Whoops! Boo just called this to my attention I TOTALLY missed it! LOL! Ok off to find my picture.