Friday, June 6, 2008

School's out for SUMMER!

Today was my LAST DAY of daycare until next school year. I've learned so much this past year. I'm excited to spend the summer at home with Mommy, but I'll still miss Children's Palace. I'll especially miss Miss Sondra. She was my teacher when I first started back in mid-August and she's been the only constant in my daycare life.

Look how much I've changed... these pictures are from the beginning of last school year (Labor Day and Texas OU weekend.) I wonder how much I'll have changed by the time school starts again?!?

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C&C Mama said...

Thatcher, you have grown up so fast!! I am glad you like your teacher-Chandler loves her teacher too! It makes your Mommy's mornings easier to know you are being well-cared for!! See you tomorrow!!