Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nighty Night Time with Daddy.

Tonight, Mommy stumbled upon this scene. See, I've been coming home from church quite the hyper child (thanks in part to the sugar style lemonade I get!) Regardless of WHY, I'm very difficult to settle down. Even as Mommy types, I'm still up reading. But hey, who doesn't want some Michael Jordan plays basketball against the Looney Tunes? (This book belonged to my AL.)


Ashtyn said...

I'm glad you are starting to like to read! See you soon!

Gram said...

How cute! Bring some books to the hospital this week so we can read with Ashtyn.

Amy said...

Sorry about the after-effects of the lemonade! : )

I've tried diluting it, but have been told it's nasty that way! (but I still try to cut back by at least one scoop!)